Control of marches/protests and better control measures with cost savings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by peem, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. Enough is enough. So I agree it is important to keep freedom of speech but why does Britain allow itself to be shafted by protests/marches that get out of control.
    Surely it is better to have a number of nominated venues licensed in each area for this type of activity? If you wanted to protest you applied in advance and had to give expected numbers - what do protesters gain wandering around city centres etc other than running amok!
    This would allow police and councils better planning as there could be structured plans for each venue/expected numbers. Allowances could be made for controlled access/egress to venues and allocated parking. These would hopefully be in areas with no/minimal buildings to damage etc. Fixed video points could also be identified to cover the full timeline and locations from car park to venue to car park.
    There could also be a provision for a location to place TSG/QRF element out of sight but located to respond quickly.
    I cannot believe we allow this carry on to continue with march after march getting out of control.
    Wake up Cameron and grow some balls!!!
  2. They do protest at agreed easily controlled locations.
    Unless you mean they should protest round the back of town on an industrial estate out of everyones way - which almost undermines the point of a protest.

    In Britains inclement weather I think a much simpler solution would be to open taps on the fire hydrants around the location. A fine spray drifting over the crowd for a couple of hours would dissuade most people.
    In summer protests we would clearly need a different plan. Maybe massive screens displaying wimbledon / golf mounted on the side of a van, Boredom would drive most people back to bed.
  3. Do you imagine that our fire hydrants work the same way as those in america work? The objects you see around our city pavements are just bollards, not hydrants.
  4. Or, large mirrors that could be used to focus the sun's rays on anybody that got out of line. The site of the bloke standing next to you suddenly bursting into flames for no apparent reason would certainly encourage responsible behaviour.

    A few other suggestions:-

    At the first sign of people chucking paint, force feed elephant laxatives to the police horses and set them loose among the protesters.

    Should some media studies tw@t start getting lippy, simply discharge a baton round into his/her face from a range of 6 inches. You can't be lippy with no lips.

    Tear gas? Only for poofs. Use mustard gas. If that doesn't work try nerve gas.

    Water cannon? Fine if you are in touch with your feminine side. Real policemen would fill the fekker with pig slurry or battery acid instead of water.

    Prince Charles' car to be electrified to the tune of 24,000 volts.

    Finally, ffs get some secure doors on Parliament and the buildings in Whitehall.
  5. Im not imagining a US fire hydrant, that would have far too much pressure and be much to dramatic for us!
    The taps under the 8 inch square inspection covers, with an argos sprinkler attached, merrily playing water over the crowd.
  6. The Chinks could come over and re-enact Tiananmen Square.I'd buy a ticket to see that.
  7. because peaceful protest achieves soooooo much.
    million people marched against the sandpit loundly condemmed as soapdodgers on this site turned out to be right though did'nt they:).
    goverment does'nt listen to reasonable arguement you have to embarrss them into changing their mind either by clever media manipulation ala Saint Joanna or being annoying.
    students peacefully protest unlikely to get any news coverage cause problems get media coverage.
  8. Time for the Met to be told to break out the dick guns.
  10. Perhaps a few 75 grain baton rounds, fired into the crowd, may have discouraged some of their more dstructive antics?? But there again, it would have looked pretty poor for our so called democracy, especially if the press had picked up on it. Which would have been unavoidable, judging by the amount of coverage last evening. I suspect that the coverage time spent filming these protesters by the BBC, Sky etc will only be matched in April when something else is going on apparently. I've got to say that i laughed when the BBC reporter was jollying it up with the students when all was quiet, but as soon as it kicked off he couldn't get behind the police line quick enough...Very funny indeed!!
  11. Students have a democratic right to protest peacefully. They have no democratic right to deface monuments and attack the hier to the throne. I therfore see no issue with a robust police response to illegal activity in a democratic contect. Freedom of speech does not equal freeedom to assault whomever you please.
  12. The Students Union should have their bank accounts frozen 'till all the damage has been paid for. I cannot remember how that vile organization is funded, but if any of it's taxpayers' money , we should be looking at making savings by cutting all funding.
  13. did the americans not invent some kind of microwave emitter that causes instant excruciating pain but leaves no lasting damage or wounds?
  14. They did but it also happens to have some iffy effects on pacemakers and it's effectiveness varies, so while some people will fall over right away, others take a bit longer for it to work...then all of a sudden look a bit like a piece of a microwaveable meal roast chicken. Bit dramatic but body composition does play a major factor.

    I don't understand why kettling has become so much of an issue (bar it becoming a media buzzword)...archive footage on youtube I've looked at shows police forming a human barrier with arms linked - notably quite ably holding back a much larger crowd - I can't see much difference
  15. because kettling pisses off alot of demostraters who can't move can't go home have no water or toilets and have done nothing wrong.