"Control" Joy Division movie

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ghost_us, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Still waiting for it to be released in the states. I think March 23rd. Anyone see this movie?

    I'm a big JD fan and wondered if it's worth getting excited about.
  2. I'm not sure about excited, but if you're a fan it's definitely worth a watch. The bloke in the Ian Curtis role really does capture him well and the music is all there.
  3. I've had it on DVD since before Xmas (it was out on DVD here within a week of its premiere).

    It's an ace film - you don't even necessarily have to be a fan of Joy Division to enjoy it, though if you are you will enjoy it even more.
  4. I recently bought a DVD called 'Under Review' about Joy Division. Worth buying if your interested in them, the usual array of rare footage etc, even an interview with Curtis which didn't happen very often.
  5. There was a good documentary on one of the Beeb digital channels recently about the whole Factory Records scene - pretty damned good. Reminded me of a) how much I enjoyed the music and b) quite what an odd fish that Curtis bloke was.
  6. Excellent film, especially when you realise that the actors are really playing the songs!

    I was really not bothered about seeing it, being a fan I was expecting some romaticised balls like Oliver Stones' 'The Doors'. I was eventually dragged to a late-night showing by the wife after leaving a pretty crappy works do early. Bliss!

    Haven't watched it on DVD yet, I'm waiting for a BluRay version to come up.

    Thoroughly recommended.
  7. Those were certainly heady days, the reason I came to Manc as a student and ended up staying on.

    It's a brilliant film, won a fair few awards as well.

    Also waiting on the Blu-ray version!