Control freak.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Wonk_Mog, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. From todays Mail

    Comments chaps?
    Help: A man seeks Bel's advice after his wife becomes a control freak in the relationship
    Dear Bel
    I’ve been married three years — two of them happily — but recently my wife has turned into a complete control freak. My job sometimes requires working away or night shifts, so I gave her details of my online banking to pay bills. Immediately, she changed passwords and transferred all my money from several accounts to her offset account.
    My income is around £35,000, but I no longer have access to this. She insists I live on £150 a month — and says she’ll provide anything else I need. From this I have to buy things for work (food, coffee, transport costs) and if I get anything else, whether it’s a book or a CD, she flies into a rage.

    My life has been systematically shut down, to the extent that she now insists on having all my passwords to bank accounts, eBay, PayPal, email and so on, in case I have something to hide.
    I get lists of jobs to do on my days off, while she goes out. I have no objection to helping in the home, but I have no free time whatsoever. She has even put fluff under the rugs to see if I vacuum properly.
    She tells my friends I am unavailable, tries to stop me seeing my children from a previous marriage, and even sent a text message to my cricket captain to tell him I was no longer available.
    The money issue prevents me from having a day out with my children — or, indeed, anyone else.
    I love my wife dearly, but I have no life, only an existence. And any attempt at discussion results in a raging argument. She refuses to go to Relate as, she says: ‘We don’t have any problems.’ Every day, I discover that my texts and emails have been deleted or replied to without my knowledge, and I now hide my phone.
    I set up a new email account specifically so that I could write this email to you. I cannot continue like this, but I don’t know where to start as I have neither the money nor the family to help me.

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  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Time to invest in a tin of "Man the **** up"
  3. How about grow a pair, and invest in a new spine you ******* jellyfish?
  4. You sad sack. You spend your Saturday reading the bleeding hearts column of the Daily Heil? Get a ******* life mate.
  5. what's stopping him from opening up another account?
  6. Hammer **** her arse, that'll shut the ***** whining. Slag
  7. 'Mag To Grid'. Don't let this woman ruin your life ...
  8. After due consideration, I think the best thing is to **** punch her.
  9. Pack in working, laze around, keep all benefit money, sell her car and anything else of value, put the house up for sale and totally ignore her.

    Oh yes, she goes out?? Find out who she is *******, beat the crap out of both and then divorce the ****.
  10. Ha ha Hagar :-D :-D :-D
  11. Snigger and could well be.
  12. Pointed out by mrs w_m. She values arrse opinion. She will no doubt select a few comments made here and post them on the daily mail reply board. Well spotted fmop. LOL
  13. She ordered you to post this didn't she? :)
  14. She's knocking **** out of him windmilling a ladle.
  15. Now we know the reason for the avatar.