Contribution in Lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT) - fcuking rip-off.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by regular_imbiber, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. In the UK, for my Council Tax, I might reasonably expect the pavements to be ok to walk on (no weeds in between paving stones etc), the lighting ample enough to see and be seen and also for the roads in my housing estate to be subjected to at least a half-hearted attempt to clear them of snow and ice (where I live the area is split neatly by a main road, the German civvie side was cleared by the stadt and the other side (where the SFA's are) wasnt even looked at.

    So; thanks to there being no Federal agreement between the UK and Germany to stop UK service personnel having to pay CILOCT, I pay council tax with a measly 10% off for my home in UK and a quite good service but I also pay for CILOCT over here with a very poor service.

    Who monitors what we get for our CILOCT contribution?
  2. Who do you think pays for your bins to be emptied, just a quick example.
  3. Me, thanks to my CILOCT. But thanks for answering a question with a question.
  4. What do you mean ?
  5. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    That sort of incident happens in the UK too. I know of one road that is shared by two councils and the border is halfway down this long, main country road. So one council would grit up to the border, turn the grit spray off, turn around at the first chance, then drive back across the border and turn the grit spray back on.

    Great fun if the two councils didn't grit at the same time, so that when you came screaming down the road at national speed limit enjoying the grip provided by the grit, you would then suddenly cross this invisible line and hit sheet ice with a sharp turn coming up. :)
  6. I often wonder why I am forced to pay £110 Ciloct per month for my SFA. The majority of the street lights on our estate are broken, there is rubbish everywhere, bins unemptied, broken glass in the childrens playparks, uneven paths and the roads never get cleared when it snows. I have contacted my local Council ref these issues but was told it was not their responsiblity but the MODs. So basically I am paying £110 per month to have my bins emptied twicw per week! When reporting any of these issues you constantly are left facing a losing battle with DE & MHS squabbling with each other about whose responsibility it is.......
  7. If you are struggling with MHS and DE then take it up with your RF chain of command... they will act.
  8. Sounds like the A811 between Drymen and Gartocharn.
  9. Blandford bins emptied once a week, but the same deal. No snow cleared etc etc..Same details different Postcode...Waste of money...MOD probably pocket it.
  10. No they won't - too involved with SDSR work and trying to justify their own jobs...........
  11. Regarding the clearing of snow, Mrs Stilts called DE asking why do they not clear the snow on the patches roads (our road was a proverbial ice rink)! The answer given by DE was believe it or not was they would be liable if they cleared it, Mrs Stilts then suggested if they cleared the snow there would not be any claims. Further research there has never been any claims logded against any council, comany or idivdual for clearing. According to the Goverments website as long as you have taken due care to clear it, ie using salt and grit!