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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Spiggles, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello everybody.
    Well, I'll just do a short introduction and explanation of why I've come to say "Hi", and ask for your input. This post could come under several topics, so I apologise if I've offended anyone if you think I've put it in the wrong place.

    At the moment I'm suffering from a recurrence of PTSD, original cause happened years ago, I thought I'd got rid of PTSD, but now it's come back to bite me on the bum, and I'm not too happy about it (PTSD is for Life and not just for Christmas :x ). I'm signed off from work at the moment, and have decided to use the time to make a cartoon strip that I've just had the first ideas for.

    This is where I'm asking for input, please. The cartoon strip I have in mind is all about 'friendly fire' - taking a very darkly humoured look at how the americans keep shooting our troops accidentally. I've got the ideas, and some faces of characters in my head, but nothing more than that atm....apart from the title - I want to call it "Slotted".
    So, have any of you any ideas for characters, please let me know. I don't have all that much knowledge of Army stuff, so, if I haven't offended anyone already, I'd appreciate some input.

    Another thing I wanted to ask was about PTSD. I'm interested in PTSD in the military (I can't come to terms with what happened to me, so I study the military side of things - cowardly I know, but that's the way I feel).
    Anyway, I'm rambling, so if anyone wants to message me either about the cartoon or PTSD, I'd be grateful.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  2. Blue on blue deaths caused by septics or otherwise are not my idea of a good idea for a cartoon, 'darkly' humourous or otherwise.


    Well done, you've offended me already.
  3. I have an idea...drop the subject and do something else. It aint funny and never will be
  4. Are you deliberatly trying to offend the membership of ARRSE?

    edited to add: You are an utter knob
  5. WHAT. THE. FUCK???
  6. Unless it features certain former PMs maybe.

    Spiggles - there is no humour at all in your idea. I think you should not go ahead with it.
  7. I may be being over suspicious, but this isn't a cover story for some sneaky journo "research" is it?
  8. I tell you what Spiggles, you can post your address here, and I'll drive round and educate you in "blue on blue" with my size 10s.

    I suggest you google the yank video footage of the attack on a British Army 432 by a Yank jet, then you can get to listen to the pilots comments when he's informed that he's attacked friendly troops. I believe he says something along the line if "I think I'm gonna be sick". It's not funny for the casualties familys, or the poor sod who mistakenly pulled the trigger. I have the sickest sense of humour, and I don't find your suggestion remotely funny!
  9. What an absolute fcukwit
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Not funny, not even remotely. As much as I appreciate that blue-on-blue incidents can make one very upset and angry, a cartoon is not the best way to deal with it.

    Seek more help with your PTSD through the normal channels, and there are various threads on this frum devoted to PTSD and where you can get such help.
  11. What happened to you, Squiggles? Did Daddy not stop when you asked him to? Did you see your Mother murdered, raped and violated by some hippies?

    What was so traumatic about it? Do you have to sleep with a light on as a result?

    In fact, i could offer some guidance. A good, man-hug with a touch of fisting will do you much more good than a cartoon would. PM me if you are interested.
  12. Schweik, I'm always wary of first time posters who ask a long list of questions and who manage to pish so many arrsers off so quickly.

    But in this case the language doesn't seem quite right for a hack - and a hack would have more bloody sense than do to research like this (most of 'em anyway).

    Is it more likely to be a wah from a bored 'student', having a 'laugh' between bouts of sustained and subsidised idleness?
  13. The use of cartoon to protray really hard hitting experiences is not nusual. Maus is a graphic novel that deals withthe holocaust and survivor guilt. Some of it is very funny and other parts heart rendering. Perhaps this is more the type of cartoon being suggested. If so I can see that there must be ironic humour that stems form PTSD and also Blue on blue no matter how tragic.

    It would of course have to be well judged.
  14. If that's you in the avatar, are you typing with your beak?

    Whilst I agree with what you're getting at (Mel Brookes wrote 'The Producers', Charles Chilton wrote 'Oh! What A Lovely War' etc etc) I can't get over the chirpy way this retard introduced the idea.

    'Slotted' - WTF?

    I've absolutely no idea if this is a badly thought out Wah, a deliberate attempt to provoke or some scumbag journo after some inflammatory quotes to stick in a story and I don't really care.

    Spiggles, if I ever see this come to fruition, I will find you and you will provide a rather large donation to several Forces Charities. I have talents with a collecting tin that masochists dream about.
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