Contrasting stories in the Scotsman

Couple of stories in today's Hootsmon (Mon 17 Jan):

RAF pilots in Iraq fear new threat: errors of exhausted ground crew

BRITAIN’s prolonged military deployment in Iraq is dangerously overstretching the Royal Air Force and the Territorial Army, officers fear...

...While the regular army deployments attract most political and media attention, army chiefs are increasingly concerned that they are having to rely so heavily on the TA.

Commanders in need of soldiers say reservist troops, instead of being used as a back-up for the full-time army, are increasingly being deployed as a matter of course.

Although it is technically illegal, there are widespread reports of civilian employers sacking staff who spend long periods absent from their work on TA deployments. Army chiefs fear that the risk of dismissal, combined with the hardship of long deployments in Iraq, is driving serving reservists out of the TA and deterring potential recruits.

21 British soldiers held after stag night Wild West brawl
...The groom’s mother was also hit in the face, and his father kicked in the ribs by Fusiliers chanting: "Put the boot into the QRH scum."

At one stage, the Fusiliers telephoned for reinforcements and another 30 comrades charged into the bar...
fresh troops?

The too tired can always find energy when really needed :wink:

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