Contradiction on Advice

Hi there

I am currently a full time student hoping to begin the commisioning process after my studies and should i gain the required results. I recently spoke to my ACA regarding my application and he reccomended that it may be worthwhile joining the TA as a soldier while i study, with a view to apply for a commision when i completed studying.

However when i went to the Careers Office i was advised by the people there that it wasnt a good idea and would potentially delay my application in the future, as i would have to quit and then re apply... and apparently a lot of TA applicants are getting turned away from the regular forces, and them apparently preferring new meat.

So i am now slightly confused, i assume that my ACA wouldnt intentionally aim to hinder my application, however the Careers officers at the office have absolutely no reason to discourage me other than that they are telling the truth.

Any advice folks?

for the record i would quite like to try the TA while i study, but worry if its gonna hinder me.

Thank You


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