Contractors to support (or deliver?) training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Modfather, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Something in the now 'infamous' Dannatt Loose Minute which seems not to have been commented on is at Para 4.

    Quote: The pressure is being relieved to a degree by the use of contactor support for aspects of training.

    Any views? Whilst I am aware some specialist training along with driving and education is conducted by contractors I have yet to see it enter the 'green' training - however does this accept that there may be a day when we see basic training conducted by a private company such as KBR?
  2. To be honest MODFATHER it will just be Trade related courses as already happens anyway across the board. In an ideal world we would have serving SNCO's doing the trade related courses but are needed else where. Cant see they could ever have civilian basic/Cadre training courses run by civvies though.
  3. Iron,
    Just thinking alound after my cricket match got rained off:
    Map Reading, First Aid, CBRN(?)Sigs, PT.
    I have always been of the opinion that guys who are coming up to their 22 year point should be offered an extension at a training depot for either basic or trade training with no prospect of deployment (unless voluntarily).
    It just seems a waste of a soldier who is still pretty fit and clued up that could do this stuff is just waved goodbye.
    (Other Arrsers' can figure the finer points out)

  4. In full agreement with this and would jump at the chance to do things like that as looking into teaching/Recruiting kind of role when I get out. This could also work for every trade out there as well with ex 22 year mechanics, sigs, chefs, techs doing relevant training instead of civvy contactors who are just making up statistics.
  5. Good idea, but in some respects it's already being done with the contractors doing the training using ex mil...
  6. CBRN is fully military instructors, but I suppose with the RAF and Navy there you could say there is civvy input!
  7. They are certainly used on large scale exercises, deploying the Joint Warfare Support Toolset or Joint Exercise Managemet System (JEMS) on MRXs as well as more strategic level events.
  8. Yep agree, but think back to your basic training and trade training days when there was always the gruff old SNCO who had been there done it etc, you just naturally look up to these guys (absolutely no offence to current instrs been there myself) plus on the odd occassion when they spun the dits.
    As a footnote, was speaking to a (ex mil) instr at a certain establishment in Dorset who told me the civvy instr contingent is jumping ship prior to the move west. Where are they going to get the specialist instructors from if the area is too expensive too move to in the first place. A 22 yr instr in MQ or Mess would be one solution for continuity.