Contractors acting enemy for Army?

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Stazzy_ch, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I was tab-hanging on the conversation of 2 Army Cadet Lt. Cols (while doing my part for the community) who were talking about how army employs private contracts to act as enemy during the training. Is this true? if so.. how the hell do I get that job? I am currently waiting to start my training but I cant just sit here holding on to my part time 8 hours per week. And I thought that this job would be too good to be true (if it is true). Running around with AK47 yelling "Durka Durka Bak Alla" for £60 per day... Sign me up!

    Can anybody shine some light on this?
  2. Schools on holiday again?
  3. Have a run round Salisbury Plain, there's loads of the buggers.
  4. Its voluntary , buy yourself an airsoft AK and run around your local shopping centre with it screaming "die infidels" , dont forget to wear a shemagh and brown up , if you are good enough your local T/A will sign you up.
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  5. With extremely weak bladders,constantly moaning about a lack of brew kit and spitting vile chewing tobacco all over the shop.
  6. There are contractors (actors) who have had amputations employed by the army to act as casualties.

    I don't know if they have utilised them in Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa though.
  7. Best to do this in Airports or close to Government buildings and Royal residences to ensure swift feedback
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  8. The feedback may be terminal. Don't run into a tube station either.

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  9. Just run at the main gate of any forces establishment...
  10. Why do I giggle at the photo of the Black Watch soldier on their website ... who really is black? I'm easily amused these days! Immediate question in my head - is he a Colour Sergeant?
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  11. Just before the local Plod armed bastards slot you ^^
  12. It is true, my son does it now and again.
  13. You're a bunch of piss takers for a serious question that the lad asked.

    Listen son, get yourself off to the Army Recruiting Office to apply for the Opposing Forces Limited Term Enlistment Programme. Take along with you your airsoft AK in a black bin liner, wear your assault vest but put an anorak over it so as not to alarm people, carry your other gear in a civvy daypack - don't forget to put a security cord onto the daypack and hold the other end in your hand. For your own personal safety wear a baseball cap pulled down low over your face so that no one can recognise you.

    Good luck.
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  14. ....................The Ex Gurkha's in Mytchett have a recruiting day every now & then, for just this.

    Recruits turn up at the Nepalese community center & go through a couple of days of testing, to see if they're up to it!

    If they have what it takes, Bahadur is your uncle!
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  15. Like 2U3D says, it's mainly a Gurkha Thang but the odd white eye can still get a job.