Contracting? (Polar private army)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 7, 2010.

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  1. It looks very likely I'm returning to the work force as a contractor.

    I think I've got the main bits sorted, company formed, should be VAT registered soon, my bro works in accountancy. Understand I need to consider myself as working for the company I own, budget sorted..

    I am going to be using my clearance within this job but ......

    <day dreaming mode=On> or is it?

    I know the firm the contract is with needs more people and I do no specific people with the required skills (old workmates).

    I know a lot of people who have similar skills in the TA, so they have clearance, work in similar markets, etc etc.

    I mentioned this via PM and got a reply TA or just TA RSigs, I replied no ... I'm just talking about people from two troops from within my Sqn...

    Now, I am aware of some projects going live on Ops shortly and it seems I already have the makings of a troop to offer the MOD.

    Yeah it does seem daft, some idea from a futuristic army run by private firms but ..... it seems to work, which seems rather daft.

    So skills I'm considering some of the following:

    Passed MATTs (obs Level 1 for overseas)
    Willing to serve overseas for periods of a few days to 6 months
    Contractor rates of pay
    Experience of Data Migration/SQL Server DBA/SQL Server Developer but other IT experience considered
    Officer of Capt rank to act as a figure head, but basically not to get in the way of workers and do as told. In civvie terms they would also be the salesperon/project manager - so ability to talk about IT highly desirable but any attempt to show any IT knowledge will be met with force.
    Experience of Defence Projects
    Relaxed dress code but wearing 'internet geek/cyber warrior style webbing' leads to instant AGAI 67 action
    Any cap badge considered but RSigs preferred

    Salary around 30-70K depending on experience
  2. In my experience of our TA contractor brethren 'on ops' a liking for sugar flavoured treats, trousers 2 sizes too small and an ability to weep gently into their scran when Op Minimise bows the phones and net out of use would help immeasurably, one memorable fat alcoholic c*nt from a now defunct Scottish hobbiest unit went home on compassionate leave on the strength of his partner miscarrying, then plastered his corrimec in fresh new pics from Thailand on his return
  3. Although this was my previous job, we had one guy whose sister died in childbirth, but both were doing fine by the end of the day.
    I think his mum died around 5 times during the few months he was with us.
  4. They almost all to a man turn up and walk round with their best war face/1000 yard stare, causing me to have to look behind me to see if there is someone about to attack me whilst on the way to the DFAC.

    I've seen them turn some amazing colours on team PT from a deep heart attack purple to almost luminous yellow.