Contracted Staff to Guard Airports

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Why not provide Armed contract staff to guard airports, thereby releasing our much valued, highly trained and needed police to catching criminals.

    Such personnel exist in significant numbers - all ex military and could provide a valuable means of releasing police assets to their main function of protecting the community, rather than being wasted on point security.

    The recent attacks in Glasgow and London were not foiled by police, in fact it was members of the public who raised the alarm and apprehended the villians.

    Could we not provide such a service from the Ex Military community?
  2. As long as its not Group 4 security or we'd be doomed. Would the job come with easy access to duty free's :?
  3. How about the Airports and Airlines paying for the Security?

    On that point, do Airports and airlines currently pay for all the plod that stomp around airports?
  4. Plenty of people able to do it but would need firearms (re) training. Imagine how the press would feed if a terrorist intent on mass murder was killed to death by one of these guards.
    I agree with the idea though.
  5. I am not sure if any police officer has actually fired a single shot in all the years they have been patrolling? Could as easily issue stun guns nowadays and have only limited numbers with Ball ammo?
  6. BAA do pay towards securing and policing but how much and if all I do not know!
  7. Don't know about others, but BAA pay the Met the cost of Policing Heathrow and London City.

    For that reason the officers are ring-fenced and can't be used for other policing functions - ie Aid to central london, and until recently (last two years or so I think) shouldn't (but did) take calls off the airport.
    Now SO18 put out an ARV per shift to help cover west london when CO19 are busy.

    So in essence they are contracted staff seperate from the rest of policing and it does not detract from catching criminals as they are manned and funded seperately and in addition to the day to day police posts.
  8. Major airports pay the cost of all their security, including the cost of any police who's usual duties find them based at the airport.

    Of course other forms of transport have the British Transport police looking after them, paid for by us the tax-payer. Considering trains and buses have been private industries for quite a while now shouldn't they pay for their own security as the airports have to?
  9. Can't say I'm too impressed by the path taken by our DHS concerning airport security... bodies without brains are useless when it comes to security.
  10. Stacker

    The BTP are funded directly from ATOC and London Undergroound and not from the tax payer (although you could argue that we pay for them through fares). Some train operating companies pay more and get a better service, LU for example, and some pay next to nothing, GNER, and still get policed albeit as basic service as the BTP can get away with.

    BTP are only top-up funded from the home office (BTP are not a home office force) towards their anti-terrorist duties as this affects everyone not just rail users.

    In London, TfL pay the Met to police the buses. Again these officers are ring-fenced. I'm guessing county forces cover their own buses, and so yes thats the tax payer I'm afraid.
  11. i think you'll find the TOCs and LU pay for BTP as BRB used to pay for them ...
  12. No idea about the practicality of armed contractors but Gatwick is currently recruiting for 80 security staff

    pay approx 19.5 plus shift allowance.
  13. As I understand it, civilians can't get a licence for the type of firearms carried by armed police. Would you really want a moonlighting nightclub bouncer on minimum wage carrying a machine gun when you take your family to the airport?

    Where would they be trained?
  14. Thats a shame I was going to suggest it cold be a good job for Sven to apply for, I know he's eager to be employed ASP.
  15. Why not ex-mil a must have for the post, like say MPGS(Armed) that patrol other security concious areas like Faslane or Nuclear establishments?