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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ga_is_ea, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. hi, ive recently passed my selection on 8th of dec and have been told i be off to catterick for training 11th march nxt year, but i havent signed a contract yet, and was just wondering when i will be doing this? .... thanks.......
  2. have you had a date to be attested?

    thats when you will swear a loyal oath - thats a contract.

    you'll be told how long you'll have to serve, as HM Government is just about to invest a fair amount of money and energy in you and your development
  3. erm no i wasnt aware of this ill get intouch with my recruiting officer tomorrow and find out, all ive been told is that ill be joining on 11th march nxt year..... thanks
  4. you'll do ya attestation about 2 weeks before you start training

    you sign all the contracts then.

    open engagment up to 22 years, minimum 3 yrs 9 months (i think) from ya 18th b'day
  5. o ye, my recruiting officer said somethink about having to go 2 weeks before i join, i guess that must be it, thanks for the information...
  6. All will be sorted in plenty of time, yours might be slightly early or slightly late becasue of xmas, but it will be done. I did mine 4 days before I started basic, and some people I was in basic with didn't do theirs till their first week of training.
  7. did mine a week ago and i don't start basic training until 8th Jan
  8. my basic is on Sunday Jan 07. attestation:Jan 03