Contract to Lease a Pony

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by rmgbem, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking for an example contract to lease out my daughter's pony, trailer and all the parrots and monkeys that go with ponies! She is shortly going to The British Racing School to train as a racing jockey and will probably never ride the pony again. Unfortunately, the house Sgt Maj had let the heart overrule the head and refuses to sell!

    I've searched on Google but there's such a huge result, just wondering if anybody has has experience/tips/hints to offer.

    Any pointers appreciated.
  2. Not a good Idea, almost all the people I know who got involved in leasing had problems and it all ended in tears, all the tack and other junk is OK, but if it breathes and shits dont lease almost every case there were some form of injury to rider or pony and the insurance became a minefield.

    By the way, at presant I am paying for two retired racehorces, a Shire mare and a psycotic attack donky, and I ain't got a wife or kids, just a mental Sister
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  4. As a member of Horsewatch I would strongly advise against loaning your daughters pony to strangers.... we get so many horses and ponies go missing presumed stolen after being on loan.....they have more than likely been sold on (so at the very least keep hold of the Passport) at least if you sell the pony yourself you will have some control, if you are going to go ahead with it you could perhaps get in touch with your local Pony Club to find a suitable candidate for loan they at least should have some back ground detail on them.
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  6. Could ask here if they might be able to help?


    My daughter would kill me if she saw this
  7. Can she not take her horse with her?

    Is it the BRS in Newmarket or the one in Donny? If it's Donny, I can recommend some good (cheap) self livery yards. Also if it is Donny, my eldest went there to convert her BHS quals into racing jockey quals and had a blast.

    IMHO, leasing out to strangers rarely works, I would choose to lease very very cheaply (even free) to someone your daughter knows very well, but still make it formal with the contract. Or perhaps even consider contacting your local Pony Club and offering it for use their, holding the leader responsible.
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    Mrs Ravers went down this route a few years back and as Tropps said, it turns into a massive ball ache.

    Long story short, we are about 5 grand down and horseless as a result.

    Have a serious word with the long haired chief of staff and fucking mag to grid. Tell her men from the internet said it was a very bad idea.