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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by caenmatt, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi all
    I have been lurking for a long time so my first post.
    I went in work last Thursday to find out my contract has been terminated (cost cutting) i have now joined the unemployed statistic. I was in the job centre yesterday (great help they are!) i felt like i was in a factory, in one end out the other and they get a tick in the box. I spent 13 years in the artillery, been a civvy for 7 years, and at the moment i haven’t a clue what i want to do. I done my Microsoft certified system engineer as resettlement when leaving the army but it was a case of having the qual but not the experience. I have done a number of jobs since leaving the army including Security manager, tech support, watch keeper (comms Iraq) and teaching teenagers ASDAN and key skills in order to get them in the army. I live in Rochdale (N Manchester) so i have a good area to go at. If anyone can help with some advice it would be appreciated. I haven’t got a clue what to do next, i am interested in the following fields but i am open to any suggestions.
    OIL RIGS comms (i have read through the post and believe they are not taking on at present, also the training and cost)
    COMPUTER TECHNICIAN (self employed IT TECH visiting people’s houses to sort out problems)
    Social worker\mentor working with children
    Like i said any advice would be appreciated, i have an appointment next week with NEXT STEP who should throw some light on funding\grants etc. I am throwing this out to see what feedback i get and maybe a kick *********** and a reality check. I am open to anything.
    Cheers in advance
  2. Hiya Matt, Am studying career coaching. Want to specialise in military/civilian transition....
    You need to market yourself, have a personal brand. You could teach kids IT, combining your two choices.
    What are your assets? List.
    Where do you lack skills experience etc.? List.
    Where/who is your target market? List
    How can you best reach them? List
    Once you have listed these, you will have a better idea what gaps you need to fill in to build your 'brand'- one that needs to be marketed very specifically to the right target audience.
    Next, check all job markets, published and hidden. Networking is a good way to uncover the hidden. +- 80% of job openings annually, are never published!
    Try work experience as IT teacher's aide for a have a lot of varied experience and this shows you are adaptable. Ultimately the answer to your employment dreams lies within you! What work would you do if money was no problem?
    Hope I was of help.
  3. What a coincidence that you both joined on the same day, have fun you guys dont stay out to late
  4. 9 - 3 = 6 !!
  5. eh?
  6. Indeed. And I have a funny feeling that this may be leading up to another plug for that guy who sells PDFs telling you how to get any job you want...
  7. Sorry my Bad what a coincidence they both only have one post.... Im off to hang my self till it really hurts now, STUPID STUPIDDY STUPID.
  8. I was going to reply but I lost the will to live half way through.
  9. The only help you need RFEA, and if your going to use multiple log ons try changing your post style
  10. thanks all for the comments

    i was thinkong along the teaching IT, i had a meeting with NEXT STEPS yesterday who ironed out a few bumps about grey areas. they come up with an ACTION PLAN that she will send out to me with short and long term goals. the short term is a job ASAP that pays the bills the long term is what i need to do to achieve what i want in the future. she had good knowledge of courses on offer and how to get these courses free. NEXT STEP is open to everyone and it is worth an hour if you are thinking of a career change. when i receive the ACTION PLAN i will post up anything usefull.
  11. Should I go to NEXT STEPS and get an ACTION PLAN? I don't think I want them to iron my bumbs though.
  12. I don't know... this woman at NEXT STEPS, what's she look like?

    Is bumb ironing the new donkey punch?
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A personal brand, what total and utter bullshit. That crap is symptomatic of the new labour approach to the world, all spin and no content. You need skills, experience and the right attitude, the rest is superfluous rubbish.

    Write a decent CV then apply for jobs you can do.
  14. You're right, skills, experience and the right attitude are all you need in the military but in civvy street it's me first, so marketing yourself gets you places.
  15. Are you suggesting becoming a rent boy?