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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ally_tol3, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Iv got to go down my local careers office on the 23rd nov to sign the offical contract and pledge a legence etc, does anyone know what the dress code.... smart casual or smart formal?
  2. I'd wear jeans and a ripped T shirt....a bit of oil from your car goes down well too. Wear sandals too, it always works wonders showing clean and healthy feet.

    What do you think??!!
  3. hence why i said smart mate but smart casual or smart formal!!!!!!! i dont want to show up in a suit if its too formal!
  4. Ok your swearing aleganance to you country. You think jeans will go down well?
  5. At the end of the day it's up to you, but you're going to sign on the dotted line, and start an illustrious career in the Armed Forces.....I'd start as you mean to carry on.
  6. ok thanks i think i just got the answer... smart formal then, trousers, shirt, jacket?? tie??
  7. All of the above.
  8. ok cheers lads,
  9. just for reference its Allegiance not 'a legence'.

    on my letter i was told smart casual is fine. as in black shoes, smart trousers, shirt with collar and a tie.
  10. ta i relised it was alligence in one off the ealier posts it said. yeah i am going to where what i wore to my interview.
  11. Allegiance! :D
  12. You should go in a week or so before hand to do a document check and get a copy of your contract (271W) to take home and read through plus consent forms etc if under 18. Also ask if they have your joining instructions for the ATR so you can start preparing your kit.
    On the day dress as per interview and dont be embarrassed to take your parents or partner along as its prefered by the Recruiters especially if there are a few nice looking women in your family (for the photo obviously)
  13. So you're not tipping up then Iron? :wink:
  14. my dad said he was going to come... but i said no should i suggest he comes then?

    well my careers officer said i just got to go down a hour beofre to read the contract etc.....

    BTW what photo??? lol
  15. I had too many mums just coming in the office with their kids so they could just chat to a handsome soldier like me when I was recruiting, one women in her early 30's came in about a dozen times in two years even though we kept telling her that her kids couldnt join up at 6 and 7. Obviously my magnetic energy :wink:

    Being serious though some applicants think that recruiters dont want parents to come in but I prefer them to come in at the Reception (start of application) and the attestation (at the end).

    Did you get the email at work HTB