Contract Driver Training

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BadUn, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. DST is the most expensive way known to man for producing drivers.


    Soldier needs Cat C
    In unit on contract 5 days
    DST 4 weeks

    In unit no T and S cost
    DST days off before he goes, hire car both ways, (damage to hire car) we just had to pay for a chip on a windscreen, that the driver assures us he did not see, before or after. 250 quid, Fuel for hire car both ways. costs to run blocks at DST. costs to run arrogant admin staff at DST. endless

    In unit peer pressure to do well and threat of facing MTO or similar to face music.
    DST you fail, you can stay up there with your new chick and go on the pi55, on RTU they can come up with load of Boll lar keys as to why they didn’t make it.

    In Unit they fail the test, MoD don’t pay
    DST they fail, we have to look after them, unable to do their job for six months and do it all again.

    I hear Contract Driver Training is on the way out. Because DST couldnt manage it well enough. Makes Eye Larf

    No wonder civvies think we are wasters of public cash.

    Even at DST the squadies refer to the HQ as the Land that time forgot or the dinasaurs grave yard, as there are so many RO's there, with their heads up their own arrse holes. Happy Easter Bah
  2. What happened to the good old days of the QTO and a few trips out in a vehicle then without telling you it was a test, with no nerves you passed. Now its Contract driver - fam training - Cat C contract - fam trg - C + E Contract and fam.
  3. So expensive that the civvy company that want to take it over under DTR are having affordability issues!

    Very little (If any) Cat C driver training is done under contract

    The hire cars are in all probabilty obtained by MOD at a very cheap rate. The chip in the in the windscreen I can't comment on, although would he have told you if he had noticed? £250 for fuel, it's only 266 miles from dover, what did he come in?

    Over 90% of people who come through the gates at DST leave with the licence they came for. If they are RTU'd it's normally for 1 of 2 Reasons.

    1. They genuinely cannot drive, it does happen. Although men normally think that all women cannot drive, we do sometimes come across men who just cannot drive.

    2. Discipline reasons. (i.e smelling of booze)

    MOD do pay. No driving instructor would invest time in a student and not get paid for it. Even the civvy instructors (as opposed to those on the MOD payroll) at DST teaching Cat B receive a payment for students that do not pass if the student takes over a set amount of hours to pass, they get paid and the student is moved on to one of the driver training sections.

    Don't hold your breath. Cat B training will be still done under contract, all Cat C, C+E and D is going to Leconfield

    The RO as we know him is becoming a rarity. “The Land that time forgot” now that one I do like.
  4. Legally you can not be tested by the same person who conducted your training. The good old QTO was normally someone in unit, if the CO wanted more drivers, he got more people with driving licences. Not always more drivers,

    I'm afriad it's all down to health and safety nowadays.
  5. Contract driving instructors teach you to pass your test, in house military driving instructors teach you how to drive, there's a vast difference.
    In my unit (TA) 90% of all driver training for cat B, C, C+E is carried out by civi contractors.
  6. As someone who has the pleasure of all 3 types of instruction I feel I am able to pass comment.

    I passed my HGV 3 at Leconfield in the early eighties and was taught to drive by a civvy (MOD employed) instructor.

    I went to my first unit and was fam'd up on an AEC 10 tonner and then given my HGV 2 by (the Same) Military instructor.

    I was then taught on two occasions to drive C+E by very good military instructors. Although because of the nature of the training (It was a Blag) I was never given the time to train to test standard.

    In the late nineties I went back to Leconfield and was once again taught by a Civvy (MOD) instructor to pass C+E on a draw bar trailer (a vehicle which I could already legally drive). I passed my test and had the 102 restriction on my license removed, so I could drive articulated vehicles (A vehicle which I had never driven).

    On my resettlement I went to a civvy firm and paid for another driving course, so I could learn how to drive an articulated vehicle (although I didn't need the test). Throughout this training I felt sorry for my co driver who was also paying for his training. As he was left in no doubt that he had 1 shot at passing or he would be dipping his hand in his pocket to pay for another test.

    I feel I have received training from both good and bad Military instructors and good and bad civvy instructors. I now work at DST as an instructor and am fully aware that some of my colleges are good instructors and some and not so good instructors.
  7. Are they more expensive than polite ones then? :D
  8. Well thats very interesting, So you used public money to have your restriction 102 lifted at leconfield, even though you didnt need it. A waste of public cash, now you work at DST and are defending the waste of cash. Suspicious to say the least.

    The point I was trying to make is, it is more expensive to do the training in cash terms and time terms, for us to send our troops to DST.
  9. They probably are..... But I get your drift, you know how it can get when you are ranting over something that is out of your control.
  10. DST is a waste of time ,RLC get priority for courses, you get mucked around, lots! Contract training on the other hand ,you get treated with respect, you then work harder and enjoy the training. Its done local so you dont have to send troops miles away, another cost saving win win :D
  11. At last a person that agrees with me, was getting paranoid
  12. I agree too.
  13. Sorry, but I don't agree with you. All trg establishments get stick from students, its inevitable. I have been fortunate enough to have been at ASMT (fore runner to DST) as permanent staff and blagged my HGV 1 (CAT C+E) before leaving.
    I also went back, briefly, as a civvy instructor before leaving for more money. When I was there I met loads of excellent instructors & a few crap ones (mainly those ones who you would see getting bacon sarnies, a cup of tea & 3 packets of extra strong mints before reporting for work 8O ). They were overshadowed by the young students with poor attitudes who would not listen, only wanted to go out on the pizz, slept when not driving instead of observing & learning etc, etc :x
    If DST was not producing results within the parameters of their contract (they are an agency after all), the MoD would soon fire a warning shot across their bows.
    Leconfield lorry ran over your dog did it BadUn :?
  14. Point missed, my friend.

    I am saying that it costs too much, compared to contracts

    Never slagged the Civi instructors,they do a sterling job - check back.
    Just the rule makers and the Admin nazis
  15. Civi contract driving instructor turns up at your unit on a Monday morning, by close of play the same day he's pestering you to put the student up for test the following day. He must be the worlds best instructor landed with the worlds best driver.
    1 fuckin day to teach cat C ? Talk about keeping death on the road...