Continuous wear contacts, in basic training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jack06, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. hi guys
    am just after experiences or feedback, on wearing 30 day continuous wear contacts in basic training and ultimately the army in general. I have weighed up the disadvantages i.e having to take them out after 5 days give your eyes a rest (wear glasses), have to take them out for NBC and the advantages i.e not needing prescription sunglasses, not having to continually wipe rain, mud off lenses.
    The main thing's I am interested in are how many people wear continuous wear contacts, what problems have you come across, and how did you get past it?
    thanks in advance
  2. Jack,

    I wear normal lenses (I take them out at night and clean them). I don't wear them on exercise or on ops as I find it hard to maintain the level of cleanliness that I think I need for the lenses.

    I know people who wear 30 day lenses on exercise etc without any problems, although the dry, windy and sandy conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan can cause problems. However, during training, the use of CS gas is a major eye irritant and I recommend that you don't wear lenses in a situation where you might be exposed to the gas.

  3. I've worn continous use contacts since I've been in, and had no dramas with them - you can sleep with them in, and I've found that you only need to take them out for one or two nights a month to give your eyes a rest. Have never had any dramas on exercises or ops, although all the air conditioning you encounter on Telic and Herrick can dry them out quite quickly.

    As for the NBC thing - do your drills correctly (ie keep your eyes shut at the appropriate times) and you should have no problems leaving them in - I never have anyway. However the party line is that they should not be worn the chamber.
  4. I'm not a contacts wearer, but the Mrs is, hence my question:

    Surely it's not a good idea to wear the ones that you have to take out at night. What if you get bumped? "Hang on a sec CPL, just got to put me contacts in".
  5. hi guys
    thanks for the replies, I am going in as a mechanic, so not sure if I will encounter the windy, sandy environment that the infantry, recovery mechanics might encounter. I was considering finding out which day I would be doing NBC and wear glasses that day, how easy is it to find out, just a question away?

    Card cheat, do you just use normal contact eye drops for the dry eyes? I currently wear dailies so am use to dry eyes etc

    Litotes, is there any major time, apart from basic training that I might, as a mechanic, be exposed to cs gas? I thought that basic would be the only time I would be exposed without a mask.

    thanks again
  6. I think you have been mislead slightly about the Army, considering what you have just posted.
  7. hi lobster
  8. Your DS when it comes to the CBRN lesson will give a safety brief, that will include a warning about anyone wearing contact lenses. You should then be given time to go and remove your lenses and put glasses on if you choose. You should only encounter CS during CBRN lessons, or, potentially, in public order situations, but if you are joining as a mechanic then that is pretty unlikely. Reactions to CS varies from individual to individual.

    As regards eye drops - I just use normal ones, and soak the lenses in solution overnight - problem solved. It doesn't matter what you join as, you will encounter dry/windy/dusty conditions on exercises and ops.
  9. thanks card cheat
    you put my mind at rest!
  10. I thought my gasings were made slightly less irritating with my contacts in. Same with swimming

    If 30 dayers existed in my time in my prescription I'd have worn em right through training.

    I'd blag some daily disposable of your friendly optician as they are quite handy and you can ditch them with no financial or logistical pain

    Do not however wear any lenses if you have the misfortune to do a mud run at CTCRM
  11. hi gimp
    thanks for the reply
    yer I think they're such a good idea, and apart from NBC training i'll wear them through training, with the mud runs, I would hope it would be a fairly sunny day so i could get away with wearing sunnies, if not, ill have to do with squinting, believe me getting hard mud off lenses is as equally painful as mud with contacts, plus with glasses its the gift that keeps giving i.e you have to live with the scratches...
  12. christ, you're going to be a tiffy?

    can you seriously see your scenario happening?
  13. young man i would back amazing lobsters post up fully , i think u are a little naive, as a mechanic you will be just as exposed to the sand , wind in the desert, the rain snow in batus and the mud and dirt everywhere

    or do you think ist line fitter sections attached to a mechanized infantry company wait for the infantry to bring there warrior into the local clean quick fit or for that matter if you are posted to a mechanized or armd eng regt

    we fix kit as far forward in the battle as possible and we fix it in any weather, rain ,snow and sandstorms or the fact that it is dark does not stop play.
  14. hi vm
    thanks for that, im sure lobsters, was very useful, although he did fail to express it further. I guess what i'll do is do my training etc with contacts/glasses and if I get a notice for deployment then i'll see if they will let me have laser surgery pre-deployment
    cheers guys
  15. no they wont.

    its not that big a deal wearing contacts, thousands of us manage it just fine.