Continuous Attitude Survey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. So out comes the latest attempt to "understand" and somehow "capture" the "feeling" of The army, by asking a random selection of personnel (who they now admit can be traced) to answer a series of questions, against which they can place performace indicators and with lots of statistics then declare that everything is OK.

    Most disappointingly it was asking for opinions on morale, bioth of the individual filling in the form and of that persons view of morale across the wider Army. Frankly if the CoC doesn't know what the state of morale is themselves, it indicates just how far away from reality they have allowed themselves to slip.

    Is rthere really not a better way of guaging how serving Officers and soldiers are feeling than by this?
  2. Have they included rank on the forms this time when posting out? That was a "funny" one...
  3. No, but of course it is addressed to individuals by rank and says in the pre-amble that you can be identified for verification against JPA, by use of a Bar Code on the return document.
  4. Just filled mine in, should make interesting reading for the analysts! Think I was a bit angry whilst completing it, but, it did ask for honesty.
  5. Like you Spanner, found it made me angry - some of the questions are hings that senior Officers should know without having to ask!
  6. Fcuk, that means mines on the way.

    I always get sent the fcuking things, which they dont bother actioning any thing anyway.
  7. Why do they insist that people tell lies to protect their image to the electorate. The truth we certainly can deal with but blatent lies not.Honesty is the best policy except when you are government minister or devious politicain or senior military officer enhancing their own careers and protecting their nice pensions.
  8. Sorry with these new rulings I am going to keep quiet and send mine back blank. They dont want us discussing things so my lips are sealed, the crafty barstewards have probably put a secret code on them anyway so they know who they sent them to, who want to swop papers.
  9. Aren't the people (DASA?) who collate the surveys civilians?

    Is this going against the new DIN???
  10. Obviously THE_IRON isnt writing this post it is his Nepalese house servant as THE_IRON wouldnt want to break any rules.

    Fingers on the pulse Sluggy, those crafty barstewards will try anything to catch us out. :wink:
  11. Oh flip, I forgot to write the disclaimer at the top of my post stating that no civilians or anyone who hasn't EVER EVER signed the Official Secrets Act or watched Soldier Soldier/Bad Lads Army etc etc is not under any circumstances to read what I write. Because it's naughty.
  12. It is the first survey I have been sent for years - possibly because they always got lots of attitude back (with my contact details).

    They got some more this time - what sort of pants question asks if you feel valued without defining by whom? My cat values me because I feed him, hopefully my boss values me because I occassionally rock up at work and do a decent job, but I am da*n sure Des Browne doesn't give a S**T about me or my fellow soldiers. :censored: :x

    I am now going to turn myself in to the thought police in the corporate comms dept of the MOD...

    (Edited to add: I do give honest, constructive and articulate answers).
  13. What does it matter how we feel about tour intervals, they can't alter them. Its a no brainer !
  14. I don't think it is DASA that co-ordinates the responses to the survey - I think it might be Qinetiq in Farnborough. And it should be a confidential survey!

    Can I beg those people who receive a questionnaire to answer them sensibly and return them. Like it or not, the Services pour a lot of money into these things, and the hierarchy reads the collated responses - compares them with previous years and reacts, even if slowly.

    The results of previous years are published but I am now on dial-up and don't want to go looking... (stingy git...).

    Yes, they are a pain in the arrse, but for everyone's sake, please complete and return them. They do have an impact and I would like a decent payrise next year!

  15. I have always been told by my bosses that I had a bit of an attitude problem, so maybe I need a survey to see where the fault is and get it fixed.

    No secrets, politicians, senior officers etc were harmed in the making of this post! The only leaking I would do to the media would involve a high building, several pints and me wishing to relieve myself on some hacks below can but dream. Sorry I am off thread again.