Continuous Attitude Survey (SP10)

Having nipped into work to check how things are before I return to work in the morning, I found the latest Continuous Attitude Survey occupying my in-tray. Apparently, I am one of 6,000 lucky campers to receive it. And it isn't anonymous any more, although the text promises that "all responses will remain confidential". So, LCpl Litotes's opinions will be available to everyone who asks for them!

It came with a summary of last year's (2005) results - presumably to encourage me to complete and return the beast.

I note that 27% of soldiers, and only 65% of officers, who were sent a questionnaire, actually completed it - and those aren't very good figures. I am just about to bitch about filling in the booklet but, please guys, if you receive one - do fill it in and return it. AG promises to pay attention to the results!!!! And I know that the CoC pays careful attention to the results.

So, tonight's task is to fill it in - all 19 pages! That will soak up the hour that I was planning to spend solely on Litotes or, maybe, on Arrse. And my uniform isn't yet pressed..... nor is that report finished.....

So, am I feeling very satisfied, fairly satisfied, neutral, fairly dissatisfied or very dissatisfied???

a good way to judge is look back at your previous posts on here. maybe they will remind you of the times when you were less than satisfied with anything.

if you are not the whinging whining sort then it is absolutely no use at all.

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