Continuous attitude survey - Military Hospitals

The DMS continuous attitude survey is upon us again!

It is my opinion that Q.86, 'If you could choose one thing to improve the DMS, what would it be?' is the most important part of the survey.

My answer was to bring back Military Hospital/s.

I ask all of you who agree with me on this matter to remember this when filling in the survey.
Funnyly enough I bet that will be the DS answer!

Come on RAMC....tell them.......bring back BMHs or else!

Does anyone know what David Cameron's view is on this subject?
Camerons is easy to predict,

Ask him a question & he will always answer in the positive, “yes the Conservative Party does support whatever as long as you vote for me.”
Here's an idea. Instead of having a civilian hospital @ Selly Oak with a military ward, why not a military hospital (bring back CMH!) offering NHS services? Gives experience to the military medics and also helps the NHS.
Bugg'r :!:

Sorry mate - just sent off my CAS and my 'one thing', for which I make no apology with my background, was 'a properly constituted, truly Tri-Service DMS.'

But it was a close run thing with precisely what you submitted.

DMTW makes a good point. as someone who was in at the inception of an MDHU ('twas Northallerton) I thought then and think now that we, the MoD, were shamelessly 'rolled' by the NHS. Straight from the off we were made to feel very much like the poor relation, to whom the NHS was doing a huge favour. We were and remain the junior partner - and that's unacceptable.
Please encourage everyone to complete this form. (Apparently it can be found on one of the official websites and a link would be great if anyone can help).

It is especially important to fill it in if you are from a small CEG as your cadre's individual view can only be represented if at least TEN folks from the profession make a return. I am told that anything less than this will be lumped under general heading of AHP.


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