Continuity of Education Allowance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cleverclogs, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. There is a rumour going round that there is a savings option to can CEA next year. Has anyone else heard this? What is the feeling on this? Is it a waste of money or does it provide a continuity that would not otherwise be there for our service children? What would the ramifications be were it to be axed? Is this just another erosion of the military covenant? I know my views!
  2. This would all depend on the posting. Some (RAF, especially) stay rooted to one area for a long time (I knew some SNCO RAF at Digby who'd been based there for 12 years plus and even swapped postings to remain there) but still whanged the sprogs in boarding school. In my case, my kids went to service schools in Germany and Cyprus until I got posted to a place with no schools so had little choice but to stick them in boarding school (when they were 11 and 13). Moving around can be disruptive for the kids but they do tend to get a broader outlook on life so it is something to think about. Cancelling the Education Allowance may be detrimental to some but can be a boon to others. I think each individual case needs to be looked at very carefully.
  3. My children are due to move after being at one school for two years and the next one for fifteen months - it was very disruptive andreally hit them hard. I can't bear to see them go through that every two years - we will move at least that much. CEA is the only way to go if we are to stay as a family.
  4. Well my friend, absolute balls.

    I asked the CEAS before i got the boy to boarding school about the educational allowance and their response was "the allowance is always being evaluated, and parents should always take into account this when making the decision to send their children to boarding school.

    So no, it stays as it is as far as i'm aware.
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    Is it that time of year again already?
  6. So what happens to all the kids currently in boarding school if they axe it next year? I think it is a real threat. You should be thinking of your contingencies.
  7. I know it comes up every year - but I think they are serious this time...... they need to save money and fast.
  8. The rules changed for the Army some time ago (pre-JPA) which meant that anyone who wasn't dragging their family around the world could not claim CEA. I can't see that the RAF could have beaten that change.

  9. If you look at the rules reagrding CEAS, then normally they will give you 3 terms notice. I don't know where you have go this info, but phone the CEAS, they will tell you what is going on, rather than those who might think they know.
  10. Sould the MOD be allowed to withdraw such an important (for some) allowance at the snap of a finger, or should it be subject to a broader and longer consultative process?
  11. I have seen somewhere a briefing note (Don't have access to DII so can't search) that said that it won't be increased for the next 5 (I think) years. Clearly given that school fees are rising at well above inflation(not hard given the current figures) you may want to give a bit of thought to what those fees will be in 5 years time. I may have my facts wrong here or have misinterpreted it but I think that was the jist of things
  12. To do away with CEA would require the MoD (and local authorities countrywide) 100% provision for all those claiming CEA for their kids - not a huge number perhaps, but significant and across a number of departments of state. Furthermore, it would require the building of new schools in a number of locations and the attendant 'all up' costs of teachers etc etc. All at a time when ther eis no real cash to fund capital projects.

    Add to that the 'morale factor' and the scope for Daily Mail type 'Afghan hero Corporals son educated at toffs school thrown out by elitist Labour swine' type headlines and you have a hot spud that is probably not worth the hassle at present. Once we are all in well found super garrisons with no need to move (ho ho ho) it might be a different picture. I am sure Gordon does not want weepy eyed kids in their dorms being interviewed with a photo of dad in deserts as the backdrop in the run up to an election!

    'I miss him so much, but at least his self sacrifice and putting the country first has allowed me a decent start in life, what will I do now, having to move every two years etc etc..'
  13. Are there that many kids in receipt of CEA that it would make that much difference to the state education system? I am not convinced. It would however put a number of private schools closer to closure as I am sure a number are being hit by the credit crunch in the private sector - something that the Labour Government are probably not averse to anyway.

    And here comes the conspiracy theory..... wouldn't it be a cheap way of getting rid of a lot of senior officers as they PVR in protest without having to pay redundancy.... savings all round!
  14. This rumour starts circulating every so often. I left 9 years ago and it was going around then. The simple fact is that the Foreign Office and other departments recieve it in one form or another. So ignore it but if you are thinking of putting your children into the system make sure you can afford all the extras you will not be able to claim for.
  15. what exactly constitutes a senior officer in your view? Major and above; because that is the majority of officers who use this system. I know half of dozen guys thinking of leaving (all Maj or Lt Cols) but stay because of the CEA and the pension. In fact I advise them to stay due to the shite state of the UK economy (thanks again Gordo!). then there is the Sen Sgt and Sgt Maj ranks. do away with this and you loose a large set of middle ranks.

    this sounds like a typical scare tactic by the labour spin doctors at MoD