Continuity of Education Allowance must be complicated - even Officers don`t understand the regulation

An Army Colonel fraudulently claimed nearly £100,000 in allowances to send his children to one of the leading public schools in Britain, a court martial has heard.

Colonel Roddy Lee paid "lip service" to regulations so he could claim money to send his children to Marlborough College, it was alleged.

A court martial in Bulford, Wiltshire, was told the officer abused a scheme which seeks to prevent disruption to a child’s schooling caused by postings around the UK and abroad,

Prosecutors allege that Col Lee became ineligible for the allowance because he was posted in 2015 to Hampshire which was less than 50 miles from his family home near Devizes, Wiltshire.

Martyn Bowyer, prosecuting, told the court that in 2015 Col Lee was posted to Army headquarters in Andover, meaning his workplace was now less than 50 miles from his home address in Devizes and he was "clearly anxious" to continue to qualify for the allowance.

As a result [he] obtained service families' accommodation at RAF Odiham, to ensure that his new address was just outside the 50-mile limit.”

What's that Carter and his Sergeant Major goes on about - Values and integrity


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