Continuity Drill

Hi everyone,

Probably not the right place for this thread but hey, it's for cadet training. We're doing continuity drill tomorrow at my detachment. I was wondering if anyone had any sequences we can practice just to get things rolling.


Elk :)
Hello ELk, I wonder why no one has replied to this sooner?

Basically continuity drill isn't that big a thing in Army Cadets, more like a bit of fun and games on the drill square. Although it does help cadets concentrate a bit more.

Really though it's more something that the saddos in the Air Cadets go a bundle over!

Just occasionally though it can be a bit of fun. I recall once marching a small squad away for either scoff or naffi break, 'twas one or the other. When we arrived I gave them "Fall-Out" on the march just for a chuckle. Being switched on, they halted properly, paused for 2,3, then fell out properly. Hardly a camp highlight but it was amusing at the time.
I know quite a few continuity sequences. you can also find some on facebook if you type into google continuity drill its will bring up a facebook group and there is one listed on there but as i said i know quite a few.

This is as the other user stated im an instructor in the air cadets but if you wnat the iinformation just let me know.


walt_of_the_walts said:
pipinski18f said:
This is as the other user stated im an instructor in the air cadets but if you wnat the iinformation just let me know.
I'll let you know now. We don't want any information about air cadets or continuity drill. Ever.
What a wonderful advertisement for ACF adult staff you are, Walt. Arrse isn't your trainset. If someone from the ATC's got something to offer that'll make a cadet's time a little less tedious perhaps it's no bad thing.
you defenately dont need to be so rude. You asked for help and i was offering it to ou. THe fact that Ive probably got more experience that you would be useful as was stated but if you didnt want the help you only needed to say thanks but no thanks
Easy, Follow the following routine. It is for 2 squads of 9, starting in a 18 man squad, spliting and then rejoining.

shun (vocal command)
Mark time.
left and right turn (2 squads face each other).
about turn.
march (12 paces).
left turn.
right incline.
about turn.
left incline.
Right & left form.
March through each other.
more turns, left and right form.
march on to each other.
left and right turn to advance.
bombburst (the squad breaks out to a big circle, medium circle and a small circle.
right turn (or whatever)
and fcukski offski.
I had a detachment years back who got bored with drill, and chose annual camp to boost it with some rather good cadence!

It got me rather a bollocking from our County RSM, but all part of a 2nd Lieutenant's role in life.

It was fortituitous for me he had spotted them along the edge of his square, before they turned out of his sight between some nissan huts and turned it into a Haka :)

Of course, though they knew his eyes were on them to have his own back days later on the County Parade, he could find nothing to fault them! Not one loose thread on one badge!

Bait Scores:

but with extra time dkg 2,

Seriously, if the needed job can be done, why shouldn't cadets have a bit of fun?

And, if we had had an ATC Unit close who were into continuity drill, we would have challenged them, just for the heck of it, and not set out to lose :)
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