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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by datumhead, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. can ANYONE please explain why no two answers to a question are the same when it comes to the TA?
    I'm 34, unfit (sat down for most of my working life) and want to join. (now there's a candidate worth fighting for..........)

    Anyway, how long from initial contact to...well what comes next?

    Rang two units RMP and REME and neither have come back to me.
    Went in to the local recruitment office and was asked by a sgt who (looked younger than some cadets) if I was after something for my lad! When I explained to him what I was after....well contempt was not even hidden.

    The armed services are not seen as a "first choice" option by school leavers and as this govt is trying to send everyone to uni to dilute the value of any degree to that of a 10m swimming cert, should we not try to assist every enthusiastic person who wants to serve their country?
    In '89 most of my school mates tried out for various "local" regiments and most got in and served their time, some are still in and are making careers for themselves but my nephew's generation all want to do "media" or "Davidposhspicefootiebloke" degrees that have no real value!

    How come a guy who's 29 can join the regs and serve 20 yrs but a 34 year old who may only do 5 years is past it? The forgein legion take on till 40 for pete's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here endeth the rant Answers/opinions please
  2. perhaps it was your choice of units try the ta website and widen your scope
  3. I'm 31 and joined the TA last year, my unit was very very helpful, and the process ran smoothly, but I understand your comments on the regs, I wanted to join them, but have missed out by a couple of years. Yet the RAF and Navy have a higher upper age limit???
  4. Hi Datum,

    First. Good drills on your enthusiasm to join the TA.

    The guidelines for recruiting staff are age limits are between 17 & 32 Yrs( 34 If ex service). As you are over the age limit and have no mil experience. It is up to you to sell yourself to your local TA unit. Think what does the unit do and what civilian skills can I offer them. I enlisted guys up to 38yrs, with no previous service. Mainly because, the guys had skills that we needed ( bullshit baffles :wink: ) and I had good Officers who would talk to the potential recruits and then write a letter of recomendation for their overage enlistment.

    This is where you have to go to your local unit and sell yourself to them. It's them who have to do all the paperwork. Also if they are ignorant or have no interest, please :x POST THE UNIT DETAILS HERE :x . The TA is short in numbers and I'd rather have a guy who is 2yrs overage but keen as a virgin in a brothel, than 2 17yr old mongs.

    I wish you luck in your quest

    ps. excuse my mongness, it's wine night :D :D
  5. Same as every other night then!
  6. Datum head check your pm's
  7. You need to think about a specialist unit. I've just signed up at 41 and there was a guy with me who was 52.
  8. Ive just signed up with RE specialist unit and im 36. :D
  9. Blimey 52, what unit have you joined.
  10. 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp (Royal Engineers).
  11. I was amazed. From an informal enquiry online to application forms coming (unasked for!) through my letterbox: 3 days. Didn't even have the DVD I requested about the TA yet.

    From sending off application forms (after a tennis-match of emails to an from the recruiting office with all my questions) to medical will be 36 days.

    That said, I'm not confident of passing the medical (fat, unfit, minor liver problem), so it might all be efficiency amounting to nothing. That said, I am hoping to WOW them with my enthusiasm and qualifications I hope they need. Maybe they'll give me time to get my BPFA score up.

  12. Medical wise we were told to keep quiet about anything thats not in our records!!
    At a specialist unit the BPFA is not a pass or fail test.
  13. I am in a specialist unit and i think you will find that a BPFA is a pass and fail test. When i started basic we lost 8 people on the first day because they did not pass, that was a few years ago and it was Grantham, but i don't think it has changed. Now with the new MATT being introduced i believe it is even more of a pass and fail test.
  14. At CMSR yes it is pass or fail but not at the selection weekend which is what Friendly fire is talking about i think. He'll probably have a 12 month gap between two to get fit as well!
  15. I should learn to read post's more carefully I do apologise, he should have plenty of time to get himself sorted then. Is it really about 12 months from the selection weekend until you do your CMSR now. When i did mine I started in July and passed out in January, they seemed to like to get you done as quick as possible