Continued Service within AGC (SPS)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Soldier_Why, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I don't think this has been as widely publicised this year is it was last (I certainly haven't seen this letter in my unit and it is dated 2 months ago!) so I have decided to link to the covering letter and application form here.

    Take note of the application dates folks and if this is something that floats your boat then get that application in! :wink:
  2. Yeah, great if you really want to apply for an un-guaranteed longer career with delayed promotion and no grandfather rights to your original 22 yrs engagement. Maybe the AGC top knobs have their fingers crossed for substantial "natural wastage" so the MOD don't have to offer redundancy packages after the transition to JPA, who knows????? :evil:
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    What do you mean by 'no grandgather rights'?
  4. Well funny old thing that the AGC should change the current contract without reserved rights to the initial 22 yr contract prior to the introduction of the LCM. Basically prior to the LCM there was no reason why an individual would not reach WO1 by their 16/17 year point, however with extended periods between each rank this will no longer be the case, unless I am mistaken. Which means that in time they may well only reach Sgt/SSgt within 22 yrs and yet the AGC say that "Yes, but you can serve and have a career with the AGC until you are 55!" which I believe you have to apply for and be boarded which isn't a definate!! So in answer to your question, those that joined before a certain date will not hold reserved rights to any projected career when they first enlisted.
  5. Airborne, I think you are missing the point to the LCM. It gives service over and above the initial contract of 22 years, and there was never anyting in the contract to say that you would reach WO1 after 17 years. The contract an individual signs is to give you service until you reach your 22 year point (which hasn't changed), not service to get promoted to WO1.
  6. I can see Airborne's point - the new career structure and time frames for promotion are gradually slowing down, clearly if people are put onto continuence them people further down the food chain cannot be promoted into the vacancies that occurred by natural wastage when people left after 22 years. This means that although you may have what it takes to reach WO1 today competion will be far more fierce in the future. This for someone who only wants to do the 22 years and take their pension means that when they reach that point will get a smaller pension (Sgt/SSgt) than what they 'probably' would have done under the previous career structure. This obviously effects people as a career in the army is 22 years - a pension is for the rest of your life. The other issue is that you have to apply for continuence with no guarantee that you will be offered further continuence after that period. At 40 with five years may sound good at the time but if you were then turned down at 45 your further career prospects in civvy street are much reduced.
  7. Does anyone know the current success rate for those applying for continuence?
  8. Zombie...not sure, but quite a few apply. Probably about 50:50.
  9. I believe the success rate on the last 'board' was just over 50% successful. Now on my second 'term', got another 4 years, so I must be doing something right!!
  10. radar, just out of interest what back ground do you have? Just trying to see if they are after keeping certain trades i.e. Pay or if they are random in their selection.
  11. Pay trained since 97. Since becoming a pay bod I've been a Sys Coord, Docs Supvr/Sys Coord with RM unit, Regt Acct and FSA. Prior to 97 never touched pay, as I was an all arms clerk, so mainly docs and general clerk stuff prior to this. I try and keep my hand in with the docs stuff as well, specially as I'm now an RAOWO, although the current unit is a bit different!!
  12. oh we can only prey for redundancy again...only problem that there wont be enough people left in AGC to take it...oh and has anyone seen my bag of blow up clerks i seem to have lost it..
  13. I think that the grading board is done all wrong, the board seems to be keeping poeple that are downgraded and past it, and will be more of a burdon when deploying. They say that clerks site in the offices and do nothing, well to degree that is true, however I would like to think that as AGC and a proud corp that we able to do most things. So to that end when they give cont to a downgraded Soldier at aged 40. I think its a complete waste of time. But on the other hand the corps keeps it's old and well trained clerks.

    if the boards keep going with the old and past it continuence then I think we will end up like the RAF, which if you look properly that is how they did it. they tricked everybody and gave the nothing, there promotion system was about on par with us until they brought the longer career in. and then the promotion started low and stayed low like it just now.

    Well enough from me, I looking at moving I think the Corp will fall apart and end with stubern and old crusty FSA and RAWO and with young Soldiers complaining everyday about Promotion.
  14. Radar love, you seem to be multi skilled, I didn't notice a mention of 'brew bitch' in your CV ;)
  15. That goes without saying with my length of service!!!:)