Discussion in 'REME' started by Spanna_wanka, Jul 31, 2004.

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  1. Don't care I'm signing off!

  2. Don't care I've already signed off!

  3. No, senior officers only look after themselves

  1. Anyone any ideas on whether continuance will be shelved as a result of the Corps re-structuring? If we are to lose LSN's and certain posts, it doesn't look very favourable does it?

    In a Corps that suposedly believes its tradesmen are its best resource, not an awful lot of positive info floating about lately, is that because, like those cnuts we call politicians, out senior ossifers slide out info and fcuk off on leave?
  2. Last I heard continuance for mear mortals was shelved (most that took it up binned it early anyway) but ASM's can still get their continuance in order to get their two years in for the pension. Did any ssgt's actually drop their crown, sign out a toolbox and muck in with the other lancejacks anyway?
  3. yea I know of two, but looks like they will be handing their tool boxes back in now
  4. must have been from 7th Armd Wksp [sic]