Contingency against Castlemartin Leopards?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smallbrownprivates, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Some idle thoughts whilst reading about Italian and German verbal fisticuffs this morning:

    Are there still German tanks in Wales?

    If they decide to drive to London and complete EU unification, what would a contingency plan look like?
    SPTA based armoured units deploying and blocking the M4 and A40?
  2. I'm sure we could blow the tanks up before they got there.
  3. They wouldn't be able to get as far as London because they'd run out of fuel way before and I don't believe the service stations take Euro's yet!
  4. A couple of tonkas bombed up with brimstone, job jobbed!
  5. Just make a note of the vehicle numbers and report them to DVLA, shit would soon fly.
  6. Love from above from Apache and fast air. If that fails we will paint a JD sports sign on the side of them and divert them to our ghetto brothers in Brixton and we wil fuk dat shit up blud.
  7. Yes but just the gate guard at CMR.
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  8. Are there any boxheads still there?
  9. Nope.
  10. Fur du Tommi zer piss is over!
  11. And the gate guardian hasn't got an engine.
  12. But if an engine was put into both gate guardians it could be confusing.

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  13. Those gate guardians are long-gone now, along with the Churchill that stood just inside the gate. Now replaced by a Leopard 1 (which used to be inside the gate) and a Chieftain (from Pembroke Dock).

    The Boxheads went in '95 and haven't been back, but the Cloggies and Belgians are occasional visitors.
  14. Just post some Pikeys to the mobility corridors and avenues of advance.

    They'll have them stripped before the Panzer Fuhrer can shout "Achtung".