Continental Headlights

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by jonah420, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Posted to Germany in a couple of months, was just wondering where the best place to get a set of headlights for an 08 plate fiesta would be.

  2. pm me, i'm posted in Jul 09 and am selling headlights for Euro 100 for 08 Fiesta.
  3. Try this bloke he's in Germany and sells new and 2nd hand lights for most cars Rogers headlights pretty decent prices too.
  4. Don't bother what a waste of time! Honest so expensive and a shit service, in the past four years he has been twice the price of the dealers.

    The sixth sense weekly BFG paper is your best bet though as stated in a previous post.

    In addition, just try your local ford dealers at you might be surprised.
  5. Cheers all!

    Use_the_Force PM sent!
  6. PM reply sent.

  7. No PM received Use_the_Force
  8. Try ebay its where i got a set for my astra
  10. Sorry mate I've tried again. Check PMs
  11. I got mine off German ebay
  12. I am due to move to germany this summer and intend to take my Grand Cherokee (2003) with me, as well as the family of course.

    However, to purchase continental headlights will cost me around £500, (on ebay) for new units.
    Used units being a bit harder to come by, but am keeping an eye on 6th sense etc.

    However I could buy LHD units from the USA for less than half of that.
    My questions is, if anyone knows, would they be suitable for driving in Europe. Would the beam pattern be that radically different? Truth is I don't know but maybe some one out there does.