Contents and standard of horror bags...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Having just scarfed one that was a pearl amongst horror bags, I'm reminded of some of the shite served to me in a paper bag elsewhere...

    So lets hear the good and the bad... naming and shaming...

    Last one; Granary roll, clingfilm wrapped. Individual Flora serving, individual chedder cheese portion; plastic knife with which to cut it. Cheese and vegetable slice. Bottle of mineral water, 2 finger KitKat, bag of chicken crisps, packet of KP peanuts, slice of fruit cake, apple.

    7 RIFLES looks to be in good hands...

    At an RTC I've visited - Sausage roll ( meat, non-specific - yeuch ), plain crisps, Panda Pop ( shudder... ) fluffy choc bun. An apple or orange. Sweet chocolate bar.

    Spot the lowest bidder...
  2. I put creme eggs in them once instead of kitkat. they made me redundant a few weeks later. :?
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ahh...The unidentified cheese & onion pastie... Cheese that you could use to tile the bathroom & raw onion....
    The Cornish would be so proud... :twisted:
    Worst one I had was on last year while away with the ACF,Same god awful pastie,molten club bar,crushed crisps,nuts,fruitcake & a bottle of bubblegum flavour pop!
    Must be a template for vrap food allover.....Where's the Jammie Olive when you need him!!
    Best one was on a jolly in a Nimrod from St Mawgan back to Kinloss....
    Hot food!!Chicken curry,Pasta,cream cakes & not a horror bag in site!In fact it used to be a rush to a see-in to grab the scran left over by the crew!!(Each crew have a kitty & buy extras,just in case.....)
  4. Not quite defrosted sausage(?) rolls, a packet of Polos imparting a mint flavour to everything and a fizzy drink of very uncertain parentage.

    Anytime from 1973 to 2006, anywhere I have served.
  5. Unfreezable Cornish pasties, reeking orange pop (in a bottle that contains less moisture than one of my beer farts), the cheapest salt and vinegar crisps known to man (crisps should not be shiny), red apple that’s been bounced around more than a naafi birds arrse.

    If you argue over the bourbon biscuits, something has gone wrong.
  6. Whatever happened to the hard boiled eggs we always used to get? Lots of uses, but rarely eaten.
  7. Pedo pop/rola cola pish water, Salmon paste butties with every bone present from the fish in the sandwich. Cheese possesed with minging tomato wrapped in cling film so as floppy as your knob asfter a night on the ale. Unbranded crips from feck knows were....made to a price not a standard!
  8. Those sausage rolls are the only food on God's green earth that my Border Collies turn their noses up at. They'll eat cow excreta, sheep excreta, decaying mammal, anything. But not those sausage rolls.

    They look at you as if you're trying to poison them! I do tell them that a Eat By date of 2009 is a good thing, but they aren't buying it!!
  9. Champi-o-ney. The diet of champions.
  10. I once had one that was still frozen solid... the pastie started melting as I ate it :)
  11. Frozen thing with grey stuff in. fruit so sour your cheeks implode, and what the hell is the liquid? How much does it cost, less than 2p?
  12. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    The sausage rolls I can just about stomach, it's the "d shaped pasties" that really make me want to end it all.

    Worst horror bags were BAS for a time, stale bread roll, tiny tiny piece of mystery meat, big slice of gherkin type thing. The vinegar from the gherkin would soak into the break and make it all slimy.. Bleurgh.. the flashbacks!

    Best recently were from Castlemartin camp for our Regt's road trip back to the NE, which was a shock, as the cookhouse food had been totally gopping.
    One of those make your own sandwich type affairs, but with fairly decent (non wrights bakery) contents.
  13. Worst one I ever had was quite recent. The sandwich consisted of a stale roll populated only with 1 lettuce leaf & 2 slices of cucumber. Not even a slab of 'Mystery Meat' to add that certain ' Je ne sais qois?'.

  14. I love the way the army spend money shipping this sh1t all over the world for us. Do they think we like it? or is it to stop us getting homesick?
  15. Aahhh the sausage rolls containing 15% meat(?)
    Smiths crisps
    Some random fruit slice thing (sponge with a quater of a cherry)
    An apple that once was green, but now resembles an anal prolapse.
    Panda pop blue throwing away for the use of.
    Bourbon/digestive biscuits.

    Feast of the gods really isnt it 8O