Contemplating waiting up to a year for my job

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by parabol, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. I'm 20 years old and I finish my college course around June time. I was hoping to jump straight into the Army when I finished. If I had known how massive some of the jobs waiting times are I would of applied a lot earlier ago and now I'm being punished for it.

    I'm interested in the Medical Corps. Originally I wanted to join as a CMT but after completing my BARB test was told by my Careers Adviser I could be waiting up to October onwards to join.

    Ok, I'm not really that keen on waiting that long so I explored other options. I explored all jobs but ended up coming back to the Medical Corps again and looking at ODP (operating department practitioner). The sheet I got after my BARB test didn't say much about this. It didn't say it had a waiting time so I was optimistic. But a well-informed member on this site who is an ODP told me I could more than likely be waiting till LATE NEXT YEAR to get in.

    Now, I REALLY don't want to be waiting that long I feel like I'm rotting away and wasting my time when I could be doing something productive and starting my career. But then I really don't want to pick the wrong job purely because I'm impatient.

    So waiting is becoming a viable option I suppose. I speak to my Careers Adviser soon and I'll ask him about the waiting times. I was wondering if any of you guys are waiting massive periods for your job? What are you doing or what can I do to do something productive in this time?
  2. Be careful what you mention in your sig m8. Being big headded and not even served can cause dire effects.

    "I left Royal Marine training just under a year ago. Now seeking a more skill/trade based profession within the Army. (I want to use my noggin a bit more!)"

    You havent stated what you are studying in college, what trade you want to follow etc.

    In the mean time whilst you are waiting concentrate on your physical fitness, always good to
  3. I suppose the sig could be seen in a negative way, I didn't mean it like that. The Royal Marines are amazing professionals at what they do, I'm seeking a less combat-orientated profession within the Military now. I'll change it soon.

    At college I'm finishing my Public Services course. We do a lot of physical training on the course, and thanks to it my fitness is decent. I imagine if I'm waiting long periods of time after college finishes it will be harder to maintain my fitness too.

    I keep coming back to the medical corps. I've explored the royal engineers and other trades but I'm very keen on learning medical skills. It could be a matter of just waiting it out..
  4. A few suggestions:

    Do a bit of traveling. The experience will see you in good stead.

    Join the TA while you wait. You could even try a different trade.

    Join as a different trade and transfer.
  5. You could join the RE get 2 trades fro then, then ask to become a team medic, once in speak to the RAMC bods in the Med Cen and see about transferring.

    Are you a colledge graduate or not?
  6. Nah, I get a National Diploma from this course I'm doing. I'd be open to going to university though, and by taking the ODP path the Army fund you to get the required qualification at Birmingham University. That is a huge bonus in my eyes.
  7. Stop trying to mislead.

    Team Medic can be gained from any Corps or Capbadge, better off transfering to a trade within the RAMC. Then you can see your preferred trade first hand. You will also get a feel for the Corps.
  8. well I waited a year for my dog selection and now I still may not getir and have to wait another 5 months till I can try again. So keep ya self fit and if the job mean that much it's worth the wait. Good luck any way.
  9. The RE is for an instance ie get 3 quals cmbt engr, artisan, soldier then transfer again to ramc as a cmt.
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