Contaminated Canberras.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nodrog1223, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. A big development is planned at the small local Baginton Airport near Coventry. There is the usual opposition.One caller on a phone in show claimed to have heard a rumour that a radioactive canberra bomber is buried on the site. Could be bullshit.
    BUT. A quick internet search shows that contaminated canberras were thick on the ground in the late fifties.
    Does anyone know anything about the disposal of the luminous planes?
  2. Whoops i'm in the wrong forum. What do I do?
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    Which one do you want it in?
  4. Current Affairs seems the best fit. Thanks.
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    Hmm, Int Cell for this one methinks.
  6. Quick google states RAF base reverted to civil postwar. Although Armstrong Whitworth had a factory quite close to it.
    Raf Records would show if any aircraft were buried there. End of the war the RAF buried their Mossies at Condor.
  7. There were luminous RAF aircraft that were buried, but, most were dismantled at the likes of condor or dalgety bay. I'd be more worried about the years of aviation fuel and hydraulic fluid dumped on the land pre elf & safety era at Coventry. You will often find hidden electrical cables and unknown buildings/aircraft shelters too when developing airfields, such happened at RAF Feltwell and RAF Watton. I wouldnt fret about glowing Canberras.
  8. On the old Armstrong witworth side of the airport there is a reservoir supplying Coventry. Any glow in the dark buried on that side could have contaminated it explaining the zombie like actions of the local population.
    On the other side there is a dump with a methane vent, so unlikely to have an irradiated bomber buried there in.
    Sad thing for Coventry is that the development means the private museum "Airbase" has to move along with most of Air Atlantique. They are going down to St Mawgan. Sad to think the sound of Dakotas running up at |Baggington will be no more.
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    If this is one of the Prologis sites at Ryton then I know who it is as I am going to work there 2 days a week from next april if its on time!

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