Im after a dustlwaterproof container for a weapon cleaning kit of handy size, any ideas
I pack all my kit in US MRE bags or plain supermarket ziplock freezer bags - total expenditure about 50p.


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As 4(t) said, ziplok is the way forward. a two quid box of them will last you years.

For extreme conditions put it in a ziplok, roll it to get the air out, seal it then stick it in a ziplok and repeat.
The operational cleaning kit is pretty good, wrap it in a freezer bag for waterproofing.
Agreed, ziplocks the way forward, cheap, minimal bulk and no rattle. But if for some reason, you need the protection of a rigid container, try "Lock 'n' lock" they're like Tupperware on steroids. The lids lock on all four sides and they come in a variety of sizes from tab packet to boot box. They stock them in Lakeland Plastics or you can get them online from QVC.
plastic beaker. i know everyone will prob say it will rattle, but not if you pack a sh1t hot lot of flannelette around your tools.

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