Containerised workshop gets the thumbs up in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 13, 2012.

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  2. Classic. A family friend owns a rather large company which makes containerised labs/accomodation/medical facilities/workshops etc for the oil and gas industry, both offshore and remote locations such as deserts and jungles...all comming in ISO containers and they are plug and play. They even plug into each other.

    Around 6 years ago he approached the MOD with an idea of containerising workshops/operating theatres/accomodation and so on which could be loaded into Chinooks, on the back of lorries or even slung under a Merlin.

    They said no, pointless, could not be deployed...despite him having evidence of his equipment being deployed in Iraq/Kuwait/Brazilian jungle etc.

    I wonder just how much money the MOD spent on comissioning something that already existed???
  3. does anyone else read the MoD_RSS feeds in a sort of chumley-warner voice in their heads?
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  4. This just looks like a PPRF workshop being used to fix wagons instead of packs, all they have done is put down some sort of flooring in the inflatable.

    It is just another classic example of the army using an existing piece of equipment to do another job.

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  5. During GW1 there were several containerised servicing and tyre bays deployed. The starange thing was, no-one had ever seen them before this, or even knew of their existence. Then they took them back never to be seen again! The nearest I saw after that was the MBLU kit is Bosnia/Kosovo and it does seem strange to think that the MoD never saw the requirement for more containerised 'facilities' until now. I gladly stand to be corrected if there is/were other types deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan.

  6. The MOD philopsophy - If in doubt, re-invent the wheel.
  7. now now, pay lots of companies to reinvent the wheel, go for the most expensive option, let it fall behind schedule, pump more money into it, get delivered on oval shaped thing and then get told to work with it

    in the mean time the cheaper already working wheel is in use