My colleague has a friend out in the sandy place as we speak and she is wanting to write but doesn't know how to write to him. All she has is his name. How would one go about finding out his address in an offical way to ensure persec etc.
(I know she is genuine and not a threat or a forgotton girlfriend!!)

Any help appreciated

How about contacting his TA unit & asking them to forward a letter to him, then if he wants to write back with his full details he can.
Editied for repetition and clicking the mouse like a mong!
His friend being the good Civvie she is doesn't know what it is or understand quite how it works, and doesn't know his Army info! He doesn't make it easy by living near by but having his permenant residence as his mothers so she doesn't know his "official" home address!

She came asking me thinking i would be able to find out, but as she really only has his name, I told her to just wait for his letter (he is supposed to be writing, but she would like to write quickly to keep morale up etc!)

Is she a potential stalker?
Or did he put parts of his anatomy into her prior to his departure promising to write soon?
or did he put parts of his anatomy into her and the next morning say 'Love to see you again, but erm Im off to Iraq this afternoon'?
Unfortunatly not.

Aparrently he is a bit of a loner and only has his mother to write to him, so his local friends are wanting to take pity and write. I think it looks horribly like one of these "selfless acts" which have most people retching except for the person getting the bluies!!

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