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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by BLU-97, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Guys, I would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on how Military offences get transfered to the Police National Computer.

    Moreover, if someone can either post or PM me a contact number for someone that deals with this I would be most grateful.

    I'm in a bit of a remote post at the minute and dont have any access to DII, hence my posting on this forum.

    Thanks in advance

  2. It is done via the CCRIO based in the Defence College of Policing (DCP) at Southwick Park, Portsmouth.
  3. Really. What convictions are you on about?? I have never seen military convictions on the PNC!
    Seen plenty of soldiers in civvy custody mind but the only convictions that would be on PNC are those civpol put on.
    Common sense really. The army have their own computer systems for being scruffy on parade etc
  4. ....said a Police spokeperson, who knows all there is to know about everything.
  5. Ah Scruffy on Parade, 7 days clancker march im out Sgt Maj!
  6. ...and make sure he's entered onto the 'Scruffy on Parade' database. It's common sense really. A policeman said so. And he knows all there is to know about these things.
  7. Or how about “Parading with unpolished boots” this is normally entered on PNC by the Serious Grime Squad and punishable by 28 days in the Glass House :D
  8. All suspects investigated by the RMP/RAFP etc (i aint using the phrase 'Service Police') details are placed onto PNC via the SPCB located in South Park. This is achieved by one of the many forms we now have to complete upon arrest. For questions regarding this phone SPCB their tel: 93835 5170 who will put you intouch with the relevant clerk.

    Yes military offences are on there but from memory they only say "Charged under the Army Act 1955" or something like that and the punishment award.

    This is to (finally) bring us in line with CPIA
  9. Oh and as an afterthought, those who've been nicked by the RMP before 01 Jan 07, wont have any Military offences placed on PNC, in fact i doubt many Civil offences get put on!
  10. Muffin just out of interest does this include all company conduct sheet entries or only Regimental entries, If Coy entries some of my ex colleagues could have rather full records but only with dirty boots not shaving etc.
  11. Nope, only police investigated offences get placed on PNC (apart from AWOL)

  12. Thanks for that Muffin
  13. Muffin, I think your memory is playing tricks on you. Sorry mate but some duff gen there. I am PNC trained and can assure you that Service Police do not place "police investigations" or service offences on PNC. For a start, you would need livescan to confirm the identity of the person you have in custody. You could not update a PNC record without it. SPCB have a very limited PNC access which is more than the troops have on the ground I know. Loads of squaddies do come into civvy custody and the only pre-cons they will show on PNC are civvy offences.
  14. By police investigated i mean committing a civil offence. (as investigated by RMP be it UK/Germany/Falklands etc) ....and yes we have full PNC access at SPCB. We just dont use the full system as per CivBil....

    Offences i have investigated have been placed onto PNC, i know this because when it comes to that point in the casefile where i request evidence of bad character, the offence i am investigating is on the PNC printout.
  15. Just to add more confusion; convictions at Court Martial are also entered onto PNC. Ooops, and AWOL appear on PNC as wanted persons.