Contacting Your MP

Whilst I agree that most politicos are a waste of oxygen, they can have their uses.  I believe that MPs have to represent their constituents and Ministers have to respond to MPs questions.

To that end if you contact your MP with a questions regarding one of the sh1tty tricks the Government &/or MoD are trying to pull of the Forces, he has to pass it on.  To locate you MP visit:

It is possible to raise your query via email to most MPs, but their replies will tend to be via snail mail.

The main advantage of this is that it is legal, everyone can contact his MP and the Government has to provide a reply (the quality and honesty of which cannot be guaranteed).
MP and the Government has to provide a reply
This isn't entirely correct. The Government can decline to reply (in writing) where the Official Secrets Act applies, or where the resources required to research an answer are disproportionate to the question. This is usually understood to be more than 15 hours of Civil Service Research time for an enquiry and 50 hours for a PQ.
I would hope that most topics we would raise would fall outside the Official Secrets Act and should not take to long to answer.  If it takes more than 15 hours to answer a question concerning conditions of service and the like, then something is definitely wrong.
If you visit:

you can find out which constituency you are in by using your post code.

Would MK North possibly be South West Bedfordshire?  If so, your MP would be Andrew Selous (Con).  He is a former TA officer for what it is worth.

Without wishing to come across as a Sarcastic Git The answer is No! Milton Keynes North surprisingly enough is Milton Keynes North and not South West Bedfordshire.

Thanks anyway I wont bother anyway. He's Labour and therefore a lying Cnut.

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