Contacting the UK Border Agency?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Anyone have a working email address for them?
    I've spent 45 minutes going through their site and am going around in circles.I just need an address for 'general enquiries' or similar.
  2. Hope you are grassing someone up
  3. Hope you are grassing up Jarrod!
  4. Eh?
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  5. Good luck with that, they seem to be one of those organisations who don`t like to converse with the general public (probably because of so many complaints).
    They have a contacts page but there are so many offshoots it`s as you say confusing to say the least UK Border Agency | Contact
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  6. I thought the UK Border Agency had been abolished as unfit for purpose or is that imminent? Even so, the website (if extant) has tons of numbers, forms and contact information depending on what you want to report.
  7. Pm. Mothman, He might be able to help. He works for them.
  8. What you mean he's a johnny foreigner!!
  9. Well Yorkshire, tantamount to the same thing.
  10. What is it you want to ask them? PM me if you want to, but it can be figured out.
  11. Try Maritime and Coastal, you seemingly have to be able to answer your question to be able to choose the right option on the contact page, and I can only assume if you get it wrong your email address goes onto a blacklist. I've been trying off and on for a year or so now. When I phoned them, they said to use the contact form on the website
  12. If only they had "The Officer, Lerwick", as in days of old HMC&E.
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  13. Thinking of phoning them, I wonder what calling 0800 389 8289 from a "normal" phone and not a "textphone" would achieve? Might mean someone tells vvaannmmaann which "service" he needs to contact.

    Won't cost a thing, worth a try........
  14. I'll go back honest I will.
  15. PM sent. Ta.