Contacting Schools about Recruiting

Discussion in 'ACF' started by massivegeoff, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. Any tips on how best to contact schools about running recruitment presentations? I have a very small detachment in a small town. Thing is as we are in the CTC we have excellent facilities (range, football pitch, loads of space for fieldcraft/orienteering, an interactive whiteboard for presentations) and it's a shame we only have about 5 or 6 regular cadets. It would also be nice, dare I say it, to have a few of what one of the cadets referred to as "real girls".

    I have tried writing to the headteahers, letter heads and everything, but got NOTHING.

    Any ideas?
  2. Where are you based?

    The best is really to speak with the Head of year or infact the HM. That way you cannot be passed round to houses. However, if the HM says no then there is not much you can do about it.

    Hope it helps.
  3. Good luck with your quest because it seems as if the education system is riddled with left wing, tree hugging liberals who seem to deem the Armed Forces or any association with them as an anathema.
  4. Echo that, i wish when i was in school the Army just once was allowed in to educate and inform me of a career serving , teachers dont want kids to know their options. This is good for troubled kids, who need to channel their energy, however the dope smoking teachers would rather they be on the streets killing each other.
  5. Ha ha.

    Geoff, I was going to offer you some words of wisdom based on my time as a member of the Board of Governors, and Chair of the PTA of my local High School, but as I note that you are yourself a teacher, I think it would probably be like trying to teach my Granny to suck eggs.

    If you have all those facilities, make them work for you. Organise an open day event, to which you invite your target audience via their sports teachers (less likely to be lefty pinko faggots). Get other cadet units to attend, including Sea Cadets and Air Training Corps, have some competitions such as tug-of-war, five-legged-race, throwing the boot high leg combat, etc. Ask recruiting teams to attend. I'm sure you can add to this.....
  6. Whilst this has a grain of truth in it, I don't think its the real reason.

    One of my ACF colleagues is a secondary school teacher, and he says the real reason they appear disinterested is because they see the ACF in professional competition with them. They see the ACF achieve much with so little. They see the ACF achieve sometimes where they fail. Professional jealousy.

    And of course, in too many of todays state school classrooms you won't find discipline, respect or routines, just chaos. I am surprised when we ask cadets what do they like in the ACF and many reply: The discipline!
  7. The problem regarding discipline (or lack of) in schools has existed since the mid sixties when Secondary Schools evolved, todays teachers are reaping what was sewn by 'progressive' educationalists as I described in post #3. Over the past 40+ years it has reached the point where in the majority of cases teachers are unable to discipline pupils because their hands have been tied, they can't even shout at a kid nowadays in case it 'emotionally damages' them. In fact it has even been mooted by the present government in the past few days that a school will not be able to expel a violent or disruptive pupil.

    We now have a second and third generation of pupils whose parents & grandparents were 'taught' within this liberal system who are in the majority of cases undisciplined themselves. They are either unable or unwilling to discipline their own and certainly won't entertain a teacher trying to do so. I speak from personal experience, my wife was a teacher and has been insulted, threatened and on occasions both verbally and physically assaulted by grandparents, parents & pupils. To preserve her sanity she gave up teaching.

    Going on to the ACF, when a kid joins the cadets they do so because they want to not because they have to such as attending school. They know there are rules to be obeyed and eventually the reasons why discipline is important. They are taught 'life skills' which will serve them all their life. Obviously there are those who can't or won't hack it, they either don't turn up after a couple of sessions or are weeded out naturally by their peers or instructors.
  8. Headteachers call the shots but schools do have a school governing body who set policy. a possible way forward on this is to write to the chair of the governing body of the school. The nature of some of those who run schools and also, of some of those who sit on the governing bodies will be possibly disinclined to consider promoting army cadets but I would have thought that the other side of the coin would be that equally, you will find others who would be happy to help. If you get it to the chair of the governing body, it should at least get discussed and a decision made to help or not.


    I've just read a couple of previous posts that indicate my advice was surplus to requirements. You never know though, an approach to the chair might be worthwhile.
  9. Geoff,

    The biggest hurdle is the Head Master/Mistress if you get them on side the others will ,like it or not ,do as they are told.
    I would suggest targetting your local private school (assuming it does not have a CCF) by and large they will be far more receptive ,that may seem as a generalisation but at the end of the day they are not as heavily plagued by the I'm a lesbian ,left wing ,tree hugging ,want to adopt an african baby ,ashamed of my middle class roots I'm being progressive type teacher that infests the state school system nowadays.....

    However if you can find a sympathetic Head teacher then happy days the pinko is not an issue.

    If you are lucky you may get 20 mins in an assembly and then you can follow up with a lunchtime recruiting stand type visit.
  10. Anyone see Armstrong and Miller last night?

    There was a sketch about the teaching profession with a teacher looking type giving a monologue to camera.

    'Well I used to be self employed but it went into liquidation for a number of reasons, then I was a minicab driver until someone torched my car, then the wife left me and took me for everything but now I'm a teacher and I've really found the career for me and it's going great'

    VOICEOVER: 'Cant get a proper job? Can't cope with the real world? Want to spend six months a year at home wearing slippers? Then get in touch via the website below'

    On a more serious note: Be wary of the HM who is fantastically keen. Just had experience of one of those who headed up an 'academy' (thats a failing school on prime development land that the LEA want fail and close so they can sell it off) that had an ACF det renting a room there.

    He loved the idea. Pushed kids from the school into it, especially the ones with learning difficulties or discipline issues Grrreat...Even pushed a couple of staff into it. Promised funding, new accommodation, new buildings etc. Wanted 150 cadets in the det. Went off to meetings and lunches with the county brass hats. Then the megalomania surfaced when he said he wanted his own cap badge for the det based on the school's badge. Thats when it started to go wrong.

    Thats when he realised that the ACF is not the CCF and he wouldn't be able to raise his own militia with him as its commander in chief, He realised the ACF has its own command structure, syllabus and training activities over which he would have no or very little influence. At that point he suddenly and dramatically lost all interest. The promised funding never materialised and there are no plans for new buildings or accomodation. The 2 staff, who were both earmarked for commissions because they had teaching degrees also disappeared.

    Those of us in the county a bit older wiser and cynical saw this coming long before the headshed did. This HM, on the few occasions I met him, really made my flesh creep.

    Last I heard he was sniffing around the ATC to see what they would do for him
  11. Then why not set up a CCF (seems like an obvious question)? Did no one from the ACF explain this to him? At the end of the day cadets are cadets........................
  12. Possibly they did. Maybe the CCF weren't keen.
  13. As you had the experience, did you not mention it?
  14. Luckily, my old school (I am still in contact with them 10 years after leaving), while a state school, is not full of left-wing liberal extremists. Each force (even the RAF) are invited each year for careers-related stuff. The HM was also very happy to be a referee on my application... Not all state schools are bad. Good luck with your one!