contacting oldies from the 80s

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by notnowbernard, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. notnowbernard

    notnowbernard Old-Salt

    I'm trying to contact an old friend I joined with in the 80's. She went on serving a lot longer than me and we lost touch, she remarried, changed name, blah.

    Does anyone have a clue the best way for me to find out where she could be and any other ex colleagues for that matter.

  2. notnowbernard

    notnowbernard Old-Salt

    Just found the ICA website which should help. Thanks anyway.
  3. Minnesota_Viking

    Minnesota_Viking War Hero

    WTF did you think this was, Sunday Love Songs? :?

    Send her name by PM and we'll see if anyone knows her. Biblically at least. :twisted:
  4. notnowbernard

    notnowbernard Old-Salt

    Done. Ta.
  5. notnowbernard

    notnowbernard Old-Salt

    Have sent another pm. Great you recognise her...
  6. Bound_Apprentice

    Bound_Apprentice War Hero

    Happy to Assist if you PM me.
  7. If you are : (delete as applicable)

    Sasha, Dima, Lev, Kirill or Sergey
    Go away I told you then and am telling you now ! :p

    However, if you are : (delete as applicable)
    Chen, Cheng, Chi, Cong, Dewei, Fai, or Guang

    Go past the cricket pavilion and it is in the second tree with the split bark !
  8. Some of us have been searching for that particular site for about 7 years ! :oops:
  9. notnowbernard

    notnowbernard Old-Salt

    hey Marsh.............coooeeeeeeeeeee..........................I'm at the tree...........
  10. I see now why you left :p
  11. notnowbernard

    notnowbernard Old-Salt

    Charmed, I'm sure :wink:
  12. notnowbernard

    notnowbernard Old-Salt

    Have pm'd you bound apprentice. Thank you.