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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tech_Genius, May 4, 2008.

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  1. hey all,

    I am currently trying to save myself from a posting to Blandford. (it's a tech job which i have no interest in and i haven't done any 'tech' work for about 7 years).

    Has anyone had any joy previously by contacting MCM direct?

    I appreciate this is not the 'done thing' anymore but desperate times call for desperate measures....... :(
  2. Have you tried going through the Chain Of Command (OC/RCMO etc). You'll probably need a slightly better excuse than your tech skills are rusty, i'm pretty sure you dont mind the higher range pay being a tech attracts. I'd approach the COC before i rang my desk officer (rank dependent though, i've known Warrant Officers upset the applecart by phoning records without the COC being aware).
  3. Basically i have completley exhausted the chain of command and still had no luck. (It's a long story). It doesn't help that the posting is such short notice. I have put in a formal request for RCMO's interview, praying to god that he'll see some sense. I just don't know if i'm gonna be able to get one in time.

    There's alot more to it than 'my tech skills being rusty', but it would take forever to explain here.

    As for higher pay band - unfortunatley SSgt's are all lower rate. (Bummer).

    Many thx.

    "Going to war without France is like Deer hunting without your Accordian" - Secretary for Defence, Donald Rumsfeld.
  4. go on do it, whats the worst that can happen?

    a posting to blandford!!
  5. TG, If you've exhausted the COC - has one of them phoned records on your behalf? If not, your a staffie so give them a bell, if they have and you have a records answer be wary of your next move.
  6. You are a tad vague there. I cannot give advice about your military aspirations as I am ex-services.

    As a staffie who is ex-tech you may well be better off in a tech job prior to leaving. There is a lot more lucrative employment (where I live) for technically qualified people than there is for "managers".

    Having said that, without more specific info about your current situation/ambitions I do not know for certain.
  7. i still have 11 years to push!!! Unless they do post me to Blandford in which case it will be 1 year (minus resettlement & Leave etc).

    I appreciate what your saying tho - thanks.
  8. Request in writing, an interview at MCM Div sent to your RCMO and copied to your OC.

    Found that this has a tendency to remove any obstacles.
  9. Are you saying you CofC are batting you off ? Becuase I very much doubt that. I bet your CofC have spoken with APC who have said No deal!, soldier to mvoe on xx date.

    Did you do a PPP?

    If your intent on ringing anyone then ring the RCMO but ensure you fully brief on why, what for and what has been done. One thing they hate is getting half a story for a task which takes up all their time on good faith to find out you have not been telling the whole truth.
  10. I have (hopefully) averted a posting that I didn't want.

    This was done by speaking to the RCMO and being totally frank and truthful.

    What location are you at the minute?
  11. Just ring them mate you've got fcuk all to lose. The people I have dealt with are really helpful. And as they say "no one really gives a fcuk about you" Whatever your CoC say to your face. You have to remember that a lot of Officers have got loads of other sh1te on their plate and generally (Not being sterotypically specific) most of them think SNCOs can sort it out themselves (quite rightly).

    Just be nice and realistic. And don't whinge if you don't get promoted because you aren't willing for a change in job or geographical circumstances.

  12. Why don´t you want a posting to a tech slot?

    Is it because you want to pursue a RD career? If so you could start with that.
  13. Oh and by the way just to head any dick off at the pass. It's now called (for quite a while) the Military Secretary, Royal Signals wing. Eh, eh That make every thing much better now doesn't it. I just wanted to bring that up as some amoeba did it to me on a very recent course in Blandford t get his browney points.

    Manning and Records OOOH AAhhh.
  14. Bit of a chad statement. TBH IMHO. Not quite the sort of attitde SNCOs should be setting for the young lads that they lead, by example mainly.

    We all get a poo posting everynow and then. And as the SSgt you say you are, you will only get a two year posting anyway. You have a further 9 years to get whatever posting you want.

    Why not go to Blandford, push it out, and expand your skillset whilst you are there. As a SSgt you are still a Tech, afterall. And I doubt you´ll be soldiering and board bashing in reality.

    An 11 year SSgt in the Tech stream is good going, why haven´t you done any teching in 7 years? Could it be, MCM are helping you round out your career?

    Or maybe the Corps´needs someone in this slot, now. Is it an important slot, has it been gapped for a while? What are you doing anyway?

    If you feel you must pull the pin in a fit of pique over this posting you need to ask yourself.... Has the Corps´lost anything?