Contacting Glasgow

I was wondering if there was any way of contacting the Department at Glasgow that deals with re-enlistments directly.

I applied at my local ACIO on the 22nd January to re-enlist, and every time I phone to see what's going on I am either told I will be phoned back (which I am not), or that an e-mail/letter/phone call has been made to chase things up.

I get no response whatsoever from the ACIO. It is not the time it has taken or the delays that are annoying, it is the lack of response from the ACIO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you spoken to the Senior Recruiter at your ACIO?
Don't have the info on me but I'm sure there are contact numbers for Glasgow on your records update letter you should have been getting, or on the armynet website.
I'm sure even if you don't get to the right person in Glasgow then they "should" be able to put you through to someone with the Duty Braincell.

I wouldn't have much faith in them though, I've been waiting months for my request to move from the long term reserve back to the regular reserve, useless civvies the lot of them [rant over]

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