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I've been in the TA since November, attested in April. Since then I have transferred from one unit to another for a number of reasons in the past couple of weeks.
I've had alot of pay problems and still haven't been paid. I'm owed over 45 days. Fed up with my old unit saying that they are going to do something and nothing seeming to be done. Is there anyway I can contact Glasgow directly so I can find out what is happening with my pay straight from the horses mouth? My old unit is insistent that my attendances have been entered. No other organisation would be able to get away with not paying someone so why should the Army
...carrier pigeon?
I could chuck a note tied to a brick through one of their windows on my way to work if you like?

You may as well give them a reason for fecking up your pay, petrol bomb being by far the best bet (hopefully manning and records are next to the pay office!!)
ObnoxiousJockGit said:
I could chuck a note tied to a brick through one of their windows on my way to work if you like?

puzzle palace + smart bomb = happy squaddies
At the end of the day being owed 45 days pay is a disgrace. I would write to your current CO at your TA centre and send the letter recorded delivery. I would close the letter by saying that yu expect him personally to sort this out. If you do not have the actual $$ within 14 days you are going to write to your MP and have Parlimentary Question asked on why soldiers have not being paid. You will find that your letter will be faxed to Glasgow (aka "Handbrake House" - everything comes to grinding halt there).

Glasgow will not want to suffer the embarrassment of having a PQ asked. It's not a nice thing to do, but at the end of the day it's your money and your entitled to it. Keep yourself right at your unit and do be arrsey or flippant, you'lll get a bad name. Personally Handbrake House in Glasgow should be closed down. I am sure a Bank or Insurance Company could input pay data and process things a lot quicker and more accurate with a far better audit trail. Heres to Market testing and the outsourcing of Army Pay & Manning records.
Another pay problem, why am I not surprised. This is what happens when the departments dealing with our pay and pensions are outsourced to a private company (EDS). I understand that staff moral with in EDS is a joke, sick leave is at an all time high. having spoke to the civies in the MCMs I can asure you they are just as pissed off with those working on the floors below them as well, they also hate how there is a generalisation of all staff in Glasgow by members of this forum. If some of them were better at their jobs then maybe they would have a point.

In fairness I feel that the service we receive from the MCMs is far better than what comes out of the pay office.
You are not allowed to contact Glasgow directly.

The fact that you have changed units without resolving your pay issues with the old unit first give you a high chance of being stuffed. Why are they going to put any effort into sorting out your pay when you have moved (other than the moral one for being paid for work done, but you can make your own assessment as to if they would meet this moral obligation).

If you have not been paid my guess is that the pay has not been entered into FORGE or TAMIS. If you are still on strength of the old unit they should be able to show you a print of the training that has been entered on they system. If it has been transmitted to UNICOM then you should be able to see the training record on UNICOM. Is there any chance that they would show you this proof of being paid?

If you have been struck off strength of your old unit they would have difficulty paying you now.

Can you expand on the reasons why you have moved?

So, if you have exhausted the CoC in your subunit, write to the OC of the old unit, wait 2 weeks, write to the CO of the old unit, wait 2 weeks, write a decent letter to Solder going on about how crap retention of recruits is because of pay issues and you are still owed 45 days pay. Wait for rocket to arrive up COs arse and pay should arrive.

This is of course assuming that you signed in every time you went in. How many of your mockers are in the same boat?
Not to mention that there's naff all point in contacting APC on pay as they have nothing to do with it (as noted above).

The only correct route for pay problems is via your FSA. retiredCrab's suggestion is a good one, but only if you have exhausted lines of inquiry with the FSA. Otherwise you might find that the CO calls in the FSA, demands an explanation and gets a blank look and a "who? never heard of him!" - next stop, "march in, Pte Paysheet!" for an interview without coffee.

No one can phone the pay desks at Glasgow direct these days :x

You have to ring the help desk which is possibly at Glasgow or at Portsmouth, whover answers the phone after you've listened to a thousand brass band tunes, that is if they haven't cut you off by then.

Your RAO should be able to give you the civvy number so that you can ring direct. I will try and remember to find it on Monday and post it for you
Thanks for everyone's reply.

Its all quite complicated why I left my old unit. Basically they maybe through no fault of their own have messed everything to do with me up. I rejoined the TA after being out for 11 months. I was a Corporal. I accepted that I would suffer some loss in pay and rank but was shocked to find that I was going to be paid £30.96, a new recruits rate of pay. I was also shocked when all my course records, BITs, driving quals, trade training quals had been removed despite many being relevant to my new unit. That with the fact that I was not getting paid and not getting much help from the pay staff made me decide to return to my original unit prior to leaving.

My old unit are insistent that they have submitted all my pay records and get cross with me when I chase them up, as they see it as me questioning their integrity. I did sign in and they do hold all those pay paper records and I have seen them. I will now ask for the print outs that you suggest from TAMIS and FORGE.

I'm not sure when my transfer will finally go through, but it can't be much longer. Assuming I can get hold of the paper records will this cover me?

Many thanks for everyones help.

I have been training with my new unit but my sheets are being submitted to my old one. So its now well over 50 days I'm owed and understandably its getting beyond a joke
paysheet said:
I was also shocked when all my course records, BITs, driving quals, trade training quals had been removed despite many being relevant to my new unit.
And did you laugh when they gave you a PDR?

can someone pm me the helpdesk number? i need to change the bank account my service invalidity pension gets paid into and i cant find it anywhere?

Depends what pay section you fall under there too many to list plus the book i have is DTD '02

Direct Dial – 0141 224 + Extn

try 8974 this should be the Admin Asst for TA & Res, or 8745 for the SA

if you get stuck.

Kentigern House Reception: 2736
65 Brown Street
Glasgow G2 8EX
Rincewind, sorry m8 didn't see your post until after but you will be able to get through the reception number

RW , from '02 extn, 3755 & 3707 you never know
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