Contacted MCM Div myself - OOOH the shame

Well, as mentioned in the title I've finally taken matters into my own hands and sent a letter to MCM Div asking them what the f*ck's going on after being sat here, out of trade, for the last two years. I'll probably get in a world of shit for it but I'm past caring now. I've gone into my chief clerk countless times over the last few months and got nothing but vague answers and the same old 'It's not us it's JPA's fault' bollocks. If your CoC can't help, and you haven't got an RCMO, what are you supposed to do?

Bit of a vague rant I know, sorry. I feel a bit better for it though.
Quite right too. Don't feel guilty about it - your CoC shhould be working on it for you.

I have discovered over the years that the only person who is really interested in my career is..... ME. So look after yourself!!
It's quite sad that when an individual's CoC finds out he phoned or wrote to his respective MCM Div they try to punish him (in most cases) even though it's their shortfalls as managers which has prompted you to do so in the first place.
It seems to depend on what trade you are. Last time i spoke to the AT desk officer she said it was perfectly acceptable to call her AO with regards to postings.
I phoned my mcm div as a full screw and they didnt have a drama with it ... changed my posting order over the phone no questions asked and faxed me a new one out the very same day. My new accepting unit that i was supposed to be posted to were a little pished but nevermind it suited me and thats all that matters. Cant see whats all the fuss is about anyway theres always someone wanting to be posted to somewhere you dont want to go.
Quite right too, look after your own career is the best option. All too many time you can get looked over. Well done you.
I have phoned my Trade Desk a few times in past, mainly on behalf of lads under me and once or twice for myself and havnt had any dramas. I think if its not a bone question "why am i not getting promoted...etc etc", then they seem to be alright.
I am aware that some Arms and Services can get very snotty about doing so.

Always be polite and courteous and ensure that you aren't asking for the earth! Invariably, you will be talking to a clerk who has no control over what goes on!


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