Now after all this talk in the NAFFI about Wild Geese I was thinking back to when I was in Basic, and I think I remember a film called "Contact" - Is it still available, and / or does any one have any more details about it?

Now while we happen to be on the subject, does any one remember a training film called "Medics in Vietnam" ? was this available, or again does any one know where I could get it from?
"Contact" has been the subject of discussion before, if I recall. It was made in 1985, and shown on the BBC. IIRC, it was given a repeat when the director, Alan Clarke (who shouldn't be confused with AFN Clarke, the author of the book upon which the film was based) died and a short season of his work was shown in tribute.

Unfortunately, I don't think that the BBC have ever released it as either a video or on DVD. A couple of years ago, someone on AJD (I think it was ) asked if the purple learning centre library had a copy; the library contacted the Beeb, found out it hadn't been released and the Beeb helpfully offered to send a copy at a cost of, IIRC, £400....

There are some short clips here -
Contact starred Jodie Foster, Tom Skerrit and Jonh Hurt [ of Alien fame - he of the exploding stomach ]..story was based on a concept/book by the late Carl Sagan regarding SETI and the mathematical probability that life exists somewhere else in the universe..

passable film with some good bits early on, and a good start at a philosophical debate, though the ending is lame and the ' love story ' between Jodie and Mathew McCaughnahy sucked - except for the chance to see Jodie sans attire a bit...

was released in VHS format in North America but has not been re-issued in enhanced DVD due to litigation over ' ancillary rights ' [ read that to mean they haven't agreed to pay Jodie or other ' stars' enough to sit and record a commentary and ' the making of' documentary that is de rigeur these days was ' pants ' the first time out...seems there's also a bit of a bother over outtakes and deleted scenes as a result of a ' storage error '...

rest assured, though, that these issues will be overcome, as any studio worth its salt wants to squeeze as much money out of the prolls' pockets as possible and won't miss an opportunity to deliver some special, extended, director's cut, anniversary edition or some such if they can...

or so I've been told by my ' friends' in the industry...
^ Er, no.

I think he's talking about the BBC drama about Northern Ireland in the late 70's written by an ex-Parachute Regt. officer. It was very controversial, the opening sequence shows a para stepping out onto a remote Armagh road and pumping a civilian car (with a provo drivcing) full of 7.62.

Actually, when I saw it I thought it was brilliant, would love to see it again.

combat medicine in vietnam was discussed on a thread here recently, and is available from the British Defence Film Library (of course you have to be serving to obtain it)
contact was a brillant film and book .As a teenager any book with a page of dialouge consisting of the f word has got to be great :lol:

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