Does anyone remember a short film on TV in the early '80s called 'Contact'? It was based on the book of the same name, written by a chap called A F N Clark. It is about a Para Reg multiple in NI and covers them on a rural patrol. There wasn't much speaking in it but it was extremely powerful - was part of a thing called 'Screen 2' which was on BBC 2. If you do - I'm trying to get hold of a copy of it...
Try do 2nd hand stuff as well so may have it-was not a bad book.
Remember it well, was very odd that there was virtually no dialogue. I would be surprised if you could get hold of a copy now
I remember seeing a clip as part of a NITAT Brief in 88 - the bit where the rodney's about to lift up a mag that's been found in a field, whilst his platoon prepare to slot the Mick they've nabbed if said rodney goes boom. Classic! I read the book at some point, seemed to be very " We're Airborne and we're much better than them SAS puffs etc", but a pretty good read all the same.

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