Depends howmany birds write in to Soldier Mag's Pen Pals section. (stupid answer?)
With the name 'I'm a walt' good luck getting a half decent answer.
I'm a new member on here but been lurking for ages, seems the ridiculously bone first posts are getting more and more common...
from what ive saw on the army site its all building bridges and fixing stuff and i wanted to hear off someone who had experience
I would be very surprised if you have the intellectual qualities required for membership of Her Majesty's Royal Engineers. However to answer your question I would advise an attentive perusal of the following.

Where the shot and shell are falling

And the bugles are a - calling,

Where the smoke and smell of powder's on the wind

And the sharper rifle rattle shows the forefront of the battle

A squad or two of Sappers you will find.

Be it bridging or pontooning

Be it surveying or ballooning

A path through swamps or obstacles to clear.

Then the man they all will beckon

And the man on whom they'll reckon

Is serving in the 'Royal Engineers'

EVERYWHERE our motto

Where our country needs

Is the Sappers watchword

Not by words but deeds

First when bugle summon

Last to leave in War

Is the proud tradition

Of our glorious Corps!

Wings to bear me over mountain and vale away;

Wings to bathe my spirit in morning’s sunny ray.

Wings that I may hover at morn above the sea;

Wings through life to bear me, and death triumphantly.

Wings like youth’s fleet moments which swiftly o’er me passed;

Wings like my early visions, too bright, too fair to last.

Wings that I might recall them, the loved, the lost, the dead;

Wings that I might fly after the past, long vanished.

Wings to lift me upwards, soaring with eagle flight;

Wings to waft me heav’nward to bask in realms of light.

Wings to be no more wearied, lulled in eternal rest;

Wings to be sweetly folded where faith and love are blessed.

And this:

Hurrah for the CRE

Good Morning Mr Stevens and Windy Notchy Knight,
Hurrah for the CRE
We're working very hard down at Upnor Hard,
Hurrah for the CRE
You make fast, I make fast, make fast the dinghy,
Make fast the dinghy, make fast the dinghy,
You make fast, I make fast, make fast the dinghy,
Make fast the dinghy pontoon.
For we're marching on to Laffan's Plain,
To Laffan's Plain, to Laffan's Plain,
Yes we're marching on to Laffan's Plain
Where they don't know mud from clay.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
Ooshta, ooshta, ooshta, ooshta,
Ikona malee, picaninny skoff,
Ma-ninga sabenza, here's another off.
Oolum-da cried Matabele,
Oolum-da, away we go.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
Shush ....................... Whoow!
Why do Engineering places have Hard inserted at the end?

Upnor Hard? Bridging Hard (at Wyke Regis)?