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Just remember the correct method and formation for any dangerous situation with Officers and OR's involved.

Determin if situation is really dangerous then approach small group of malcontent fire starters/strikers and announce loudly that you have every intention of defending yourselves.
Immediately upon recieving incoming (projectile or verbal) drop to the floor allowing 'OUR GLORIOUS LEADERS' to provide practice for combat medics or the One and only on duty RAMC psychiatrist. Upon crumbling under fire or derision then get stuck in after thereby promoting the revolution with the added bonus of an added 'survival of the least stupid' twist.


They can't all be sat in a nice warm med center drinking tea and tutting at you for wasting their time by being ill, can they? :-/
Ma_Sonic said:
F*ck......I thought somebody had started a wife swapping page!

if only, be quite popular

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