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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by plw1970, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Help, we are having a massive conflict of interests in our office argueing tactics. We all agree that if we came under effective enemy fire we would send an initial contact report, then a full contact report later. But the heated discussion is about, if you initiated/cotacted the enemy first, would you still send a contact report?

    Someone sensible please help.
  2. Yes, is my answer. All informed net etc
  3. Yes.

    And prior to that you may also have sent a "sighting report" before it went bad or a "Standby for contact.....".
  4. CONTACT - Wait out.


    Get the fckrs.
  5. Yes, contact wait out!!
  6. That looks like it solves that one then. Thanks to you all.
  7. Sighting, Grid (encoded), what it is, what it is doing, what you are doing about it (about to engage, preparing to assault...etc)
  8. Excuse any errors (memory a little hazy):

    "Hello 0, this is B30A, contact, wait out"
    "Boss, what's happenin'?"
    "What's happenin', boss?"
    "Boss, are you telling the OC we've been contacted?"

    "Hello B30B this is B30A, shut the fcuk up you cheeky bastard, out"


    "Hello 0, this is B30A, contact at Grid-"
    "Boss, can I politely suggest you push the bezel for the 351 and not the PRR?"


    (on ex, not ops)
  9. msr

    msr LE

    That's a sighting report - no need to encode the grid if you have started exchanging rounds.

  10. He's only talking about airsoft FFS :roll: don't take it so serious
  11. I'd still encode it, wouldn't want johnny commie dropping his arty on you in the middle of your medal winning fire fight.
  12. I was a radop in the TA, contact reports are sent in clear, considering the enemy knows where you are its a bit pointless encoding.

  13. If they are shooting at you they know where you are (as mentioned above) and there MFCs and FOOs should be able to ensure that "johnny commie does drop hist arty on you" in no time at all (probably quicker than the info getting intercepted by their EW group going through linguists then being processed and on to an artillery battery who will need a FOO on the ground anyway. So the moral of the story is: dont waste time with a batco book when you are being shot at!
  14. The above is a sighting report, not a contact report. Sighting is encoded.