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Had a Naafi budget card a long time ago and haven't had it since 1997.
Due to postings i havent received a statement in over 3 years.
I am still paying a monthly payment out of my wages for it and i am trying to cancel the deduction as i am sure it is paid off by now.
The admin clerks told me i have to contact Naafi or Warrior to get a form to do it but they dont have a number i can call on.
Can someone tell me what is the best way to sort this.
NAFFI Budget Card, Bloody hell that goes back a bit. I would do these two things,

First cancell the dirct debit/ Standing order. If your due them money they will soon get in touch.

Second call Warrior on this number 01268 567 237, it may not be the right number but they will direct you to the right place. Hope this helps mate.
Thanks for that info.
Contacted Warrior who ended up putting me through to someone else as they couldn't help me and low and behold it was a Solicitor who kindly informed me that it got passed to some other debt collectors even though i have been paying what i thought was the correct payment since 1997.
She did let me know that the account was paid off last May and i have still been paying it direct to Warrior ever since. Now i am sat here waiting for someone to call me back to give me more info and hopefully tell me how i am meant to stop any more payments as i stated in my last post my admin office say they need a form from whoever to stop it.
Can't wait to see it they will pay me my interest charges of 30% on top of what they owe me.
You do not need a form to stop this money being taken from your pay.

It is YOUR pay all you need to do is ask the admin office to stop the deductions.

If they refuse, ask for the name and address of the person who denies you to pass on to your solicitor.


If it's on UNICOM all your RAO has to do is publish a stop. However looking at the timeframe involved it probably isn't, so they need to send a fax to soldiers pay, for Glasgow to loose it 2 or 3 times before they action it.

If you get no joy PM me and i'll try to help.

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