contact no for 30 sigs ops room

As the name suggests im an ex sysop, been civvie now about 8 years. Ive been an instructor/youth leader/child minder (call it what you will!) with the cadets for a couple of years and want to try and liase with 30 sigs for a bit of a demo type of thing during school holidays.
Can someone PM me a contact number of either the ops YofS (if they are still called that) or the training wing or basically someone who could say yes/no/fook off to providing some kit and manpower to put on a show for the cadets


Can your local TA Sigs unit help? Especially if there is a chance of picking up the older cadets.

Not approached them as yet, as all they have is some pretty ancient HF kit and the kids are aware of the ''Royal Signals = radios'' ethos, and I want to try and show there is more than just white noise and VP. But they are definately next on the list to have a chat with.
ive just been informed that the TOT at 30 was in my intake in harrogate 85A, so is there anyone willing to provide a number for either him or the guardroom. ive trawled the phone book but get nothing.

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